Elections are the fundamental tool of democracy

“Elections are the greatest symbol of participation and political form”

M Khatami



The world of elections is plagued by this unnecessary diversion. Elections in many parts of the world are suffering from fake news. Media has plenty of its sub types. It uses print media, electronic media and various other forms to spread the news. Unfortunately many facts are now masked as per their sponsorship. News gets twisted and maligned to suit its needs. There is a dearth of ethic journalism.  The world of dictionary is also witnessing new terms in the light of new trends of journalism. New words have made entry as fake journalism, prestitutes etc. 2019 Indian elections



Election manipulation occurs everywhere. India is also not immune to this kind of fraud. Earlier the poll booths were captured. It was called booth capturing. It happened in areas where guns and liquor were floated.  Election fraud is an illegal activity. By doing so votes can be increased or decreased as per the candidate’s choice.  Such fraud is outlawed in majority of the nations.

2019 Indian elections


Vote buying is quite common in India. It is done across different party lines. It is done by both national and regional parties alike.

In any case, the defilement around electioneering itself appears to have expanded – instead of diminished – this year with the standard reports of presents in front of casting a ballot everywhere throughout the nation.

From saris to cycles, there have dependably been accounts of the liberal freebees India’s political campaigners use to influence voters.

“Governmental issues resembles FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), where the brand is the thing that you work with talks and publicizing, the item is likely Modi or Kejriwal yet the distinct advantage is the deals and appropriation,” the volunteer clarifies.



2019 Indian elections
2019 Indian elections

It’s been quite a while that the paper ballot has been substituted by electronic casting a button in India. In any case, the change has gone under expanding investigation lately, with gatherings, for example, the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Aam Aadmi Party asserting that the ongoing decisions in state get together races which conflicted with them were on the grounds that the electronic casting a ballot machines (EVMs) had been messed with.

All loosing parties have raised objection on the validity of EVMs.

Grumblings about EVMs are neither new nor special to India. They possess large amounts of the issues in  West as well; on account of the Netherlands, debate over the utilization of EVMs in the mid-2000s drove experts to return to the utilization of paper tallies. Be that as it may, such choices have regularly been driven by opinion as opposed to a cautious weighing of proof.

A developing collection of academic work appears to recommend that as opposed to what witch hunters claim. EVMs have to a great extent prompted extending of popular governments and improved advancement results by enabling poor people. In India and somewhere else, EVMs have regularly been presented in a staged way, with certain voting public utilizing paper polls even as others began utilizing EVMs. This component enables scientists to think about results in the two sorts of casting a ballot, and concoct fascinating experiences on the effect of casting a ballot innovation.

This move prompted an expansion in the vote offer of small groups, expanding political challenge, the analysts appear. The social scientists likewise found no proof for increments in voter blunder or extortion due to EVMs. They contend that while the plan of the machines makes corner catch troublesome (EVMs are intended to enrol a limit of five votes for every moment, which implies it takes far longer for stall capturers to stuff EVMs than conventional polling booths), it doesn’t dispose of the likelihood of stall catch inside and out.

The specialists likewise found no proof that machines with an auditable paper trail perform uniquely in contrast to different EVMs. Notwithstanding, they call attention to this does not recommend that the new machines are futile, since such machines may help forestall decision misrepresentation later on.


EC: election commission of India was formed on 25th January 1950.  It’s an autonomous body. The E.C watches elections to the Rajya Sabha, State Legislative Assemblies in India, Lok Sabha and the offices of the President and Vice-President.

The Election Commission is made as an all India body instead of discrete bodies to manage and direct decisions in each state is that a few states in India comprises of blended populace which in itself incorporates both the local individuals and well as other individuals who might be socially, racially, phonetically not quite the same as that of local individuals. So as to keep any sort of unfairness being done to any area of individuals, it was made as a solitary focal body which would be free from nearby impacts and weights and have authority over whole race hardware in the nation.


  • Can Order Re-Poll
  • Can Allot Symbols
  • Can Postpone The Elections
  • Can Seek Information Regarding Election Expenses
  • Can  Issues Budgets And Expenses
  • Can Disqualify The Candidates
  • Checking on criminalization of politics

Throughout the years, the Election Commission has directed various commendable electoral changes to fortify vote based system and improve the reasonableness chances decisions by utilizing its forces. In any case, our framework is still tormented by numerous indecencies. To win cast a ballot, ideological groups resort to foul technique and degenerate practices. Here comes this body  of Election Commission to check on the election foul practices.

There is a need to reinforce the hands of the Election Commission and to give it increasingly lawful and institutional forces. The Election Commission must be endowed with forces to rebuff the errant legislators who transgress and abuse the electoral laws.

Wise voting everyone. The countdown has begun.