Pervert Paedophile singer Papon abuses a nine-year-old girl


Who is a paedophile?

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The paedophile is an obsession with children as sex objects.The minor in this scenario of a children music show is an underage victim. In India, it is children below 18 years.

Paedophile offences are framed in terms of rape, sexual assault, indecency, making or possessing child pornography and so forth. This is how a paedophile is defined in Australia. The Macquarie Dictionary defines “paedophilia” as: “sexual attraction in an adult towards children”. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines the word as: “sexual love directed towards children”.

In this criminal activity, Papon sexually abuses a nine-year-old. He kisses on her mouth.

Meaning of Paedophilia:

It’s used for individuals with a primary sexual interest in prepubescent children aged 13 or younger.

Who is a paedophile:  it can be anyone, old or young, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, non-professional or professional, male/female or any race.

Adults who sexually abuse children are paedophiles. Paedophilia is a real phenomenon, just like marital rape?

Characteristics of a Paedophile:

Pervert Paedophile Papon
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  • Usually, the paedophile is a male and over 30 years of age.
  • Could be single with few mates in his age group.
  • If married the relationship is more platonic with no sexual relations.
  • He is often vague about time gaps in employment which may indicate a loss of employment for questionable reasons or possible past incarceration.
  • A paedophile works with children


About Predator Papon:


ANGARAAG MAHANTA – He comes from a rich singing background from north east-Assam. While rooted in folk music, Papon has a wide variety of influences and considered to be an extremely versatile artist.

Papon married to Shweta Mishra Mahanta and now has two children, son P Mahanta and daughter P Mahanta. Papon is known for his popular numbers from Hindi films such as Barfi!, Befikre, Sultan, and Dum Laga Ke Haisha among others.

Crime: 41-year-old Adult man kisses on the mouth or lips of a nine-year-old child. He makes physical contact with the child i.e. minor. He forcibly puts her jaw towards himself and then kisses on her lips. There is video graphic evidence of this whole event. It’s a sexual molestation. This happened in a reality show of children. He has broken the rules of a workplace as stated in Vishaka guidelines.


Children’s sexual abuse is expanding at a disturbing rate everywhere throughout the world. India is among the worst five nations of the world confronting most elevated rate of sexual offences including kids. However, the criminal law in India is insufficient in numerous regards to manage such a delicate and significant issue. The Law Commission in its 172nd Law Commission report1 has explored finish law managing sexual offences after Sakshi v UOI case. The Commission offered for various alterations to the laws managing the subject. A few revisions were made to the IPC after the Nirbhaya case by the 2013 Criminal Law alteration charge. In any case, the law at the exhibit is lacking to manage sexual offences against minors.

Criminal Law:

India is home to 430 million youngsters which around incorporate one in every five kids underneath the age of 18 years, in the world. They confront harsh difficulties from the day they are conceived. Lack of healthy sustenance, the absence of education, trafficking, constrained work, substance abuse, sexual abuse, explicit entertainment and so on are prevalent amidst the kids in India.

Parliament instituted a special enactment POCSO Act in May 2012.Under this law, all types of kid sexual abuse are particular crimes with particular disciplines for the culprits. Prior, there was no law covering any non-penetrative sexual act conferred against young men which are presently plainly characterized. The new law has additionally set out specific rules for police and court specialists to manage the casualties. Unique courts are likewise set up to manage the issue; however, the viable utilization of these rules still remains a state of concern. The issue of usage has profoundly hampered the security of kids from sexual misconduct in this nation. Besides, National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights which was built up as an autonomous body in 2007 which guarantees that every single such law, arrangements, and projects, are in concurrence with the children’s rights cherished in the Constitution of India and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Commission has likewise been allotted the undertaking of directing the execution of the POCSO Act.

Aside from these domestic laws, India is additionally a signatory to different universal human rights settlements and agreements, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of Child, which give particular insurance to the privileges of kids. They request different successful measures to anticipate and punish exploitation and guarantee that the administration embraces and actualizes powerful measures to counteract such sexual violations. Human Rights organization makes it compulsory for the Indian government to receive and authorize arrangements that will counteract and change sexual brutality against kids viable and which will guarantee equity.

stop pervert Paon
Laws to stop child abusers


Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012

POCSO which was ordered in 2012 is unbiased, makes it required for the casualties to report the abuse, records all sort of sexual offences against minors and accommodates their security amid the legal procedure. A portion of the command set down under POCSO are below

  •      The cops in each situation must convey a case to the consideration of the      Child Welfare Committee by 24 hours of getting a report.
  •       The cops should likewise be in a usual dress and not in khaki uniform while recording the minor’s announcement with the goal that the youngster does not get threatened.
  • The testimony of the minor must be recorded in the company of the individual whom he/she trusts.
  •   The medical examination of the child for the accumulation of scientific confirmation should just be led by a woman specialist in the company of a person that the kid trusts.
  •   Special courts have been set up under the Act to lead quick and in-camera trials. It is the obligation of these courts to guarantee that the minor isn’t presented to the guilty while recording his/her testimony, the name of the minor stays undisclosed, the minor isn’t requested to reiterate his/her statement in court and that minor can likewise give his/her statement through a video, the cases are not postponed and are discarded inside a year from its date being accounted for, a mediator, interpreter, special needs teacher or some other qualified ought to be available in court if the minor needs any help, and the group of the minor ought to be granted remuneration for therapeutic treatment and healing.


Supreme Court lawyer Runa Bhuyan filed a case against the singer with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) Act.

“I am shocked to see the behaviour of Papon towards the minor girl where he is seen to be applying colours on the girl and inappropriately kissing her. On seeing the video, I am seriously concerned regarding the safety and security of minor girls participating in reality shows across India,” Bhuyan wrote in her complaint.




A gesture of physical contact by an adult on a 9-year-old child out of Extreme affection on the mouth. He denies it as a kiss. Papons lawyer is openly denying the fact it was not a kiss but a peck.

According to all known English dictionaries, a peck is synonymous to kiss. So this argument is nonsense as commented by Gaurang Narang his lawyer.

In the video, it clearly shows the man forcibly rubs the face of the young minor with the holi colours. Then he grabs her face, pushes himself upon her and plants the kiss on the mouth.

Interestingly some esteemed speakers of a debate show Nassar Abdullah defends this kiss. He says it’s a peck. It happens that “Men Gets Carried away”. Unbelievable Mumbai actors talking like that. But this sad reflection of our rich society.

  • Intent Vs Consent

Gaurang Narang is just trying to save his client in the #name of intent. He is repeatedly arguing about to see the man’s intentions. He is a father figure and a mentor. In which part of the world a teacher, mentor or a father grabs the child and kiss her on the lips?

  • Guru-Shishya relationship

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another shocking misuse and abuse of a teacher-student relationship. From when did mentors have the right to lip kiss a child of 9year old kid.Are mentors in the civil world permitted to get physical with minors?

When will India stop giving examples from the great Indian mythologies? Spare Ramayana and Mahabharat. Gaurang Narang compares this pervert Papon to Dronacharya as a teacher. He states it’s a country of Eklavya.

  • Extreme affection, father like

Check the Pervert Papi papons page where he is trying to display the world he is just an expressive guy. He is purely shameless.

They have surely given immense pressure to the victim’s family to take his side. As no one is pressing the charges from the victim’s family.

How do you justify a sexual abuse In India

He gets carried away

Had eaten noodles as some great Indian ministers comment

Hormonal imbalance of testosterone/ adrenaline etc

Spur of the moment


Was for a brief period

It was not  for a pressing time period

Didn’t mean to, it’s just that his hands and penis got out of control

Then hush the victim:

  • Oh He is married
  •  Have pity He has children
  • Have mercy He has reputation
  • Please don’t give him a bad name
  • Take your case back
  • It’s a waste of time
  • Police and other governing bodies want the parties to compromise




Let’s see if this Bollywood singer again gets away with his misdeed. Other singers accused where Anu Malik who was once accused by Alisha Chinai of sexual molestation and Ankit Tiwari of Aashiqui 2 fame. But as the Indian narrative, they went off the hook as easy peasy.

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