INTERNET: Make Cyber space a Cybersafe Platform for Minors



Internet currently is a global means of sharing information. It’s a worldwide capacity to transmit information instantly. It’s like an information mine. Internet is the world’s biggest network of

E-information.  Transactions are done in all possible means through emails, videos, online chatting, banking etc. Use of internet has become a way of life for majority. Internet has made life easy. Earlier mails would take days to reach the receiver but now it’s just a click away. Online transactions can be completed at the comfort of your homes. Tickets for rail/ plane or any shows can be booked online. Food orders are placed on the web space. Millions of businesses are run on internet. People are making a living by posting videos, blogs and e-business. These are just to name the strengths of internet. But there is another dark side of internet.


Youngsters and school goers are especially in danger since they regularly utilize the internet unsupervised. Children now a day’s socialize more on the internet rather than the physical world. For them it is cool as well as popular to be up to date of school gossips. Thereby they have chatting groups, kids downloads games/ music and videos.

But some of the bigger dangers of internet are

  • Internet addiction disorder: Children stay online forever. They have temperamental issues when asked to stop. Some gamers skip their meals to continue and make points.  Internet addiction is now acceptable by many psychiatrists as drug addiction. It has impact on both on physical and mental well being.

Symptoms of IAD are

  • No value for time once online
  • Hot headed when asked to finish their online activity so they could do their usual chore as mealtime, study time, etc.
  • Does not finish projects and other academic deadlines
  • Become anti-social and loner
  • Fights over Internet use
  • Is online late night hours and Hides his or her Internet use from you
  • Feels happy whenever online but gets depressed when asked to stay offline
  • Sleep deprived

In end of 2017, NCR was rocked by this behavior of net addiction. The adolescent, who was dependent on a computer game ‘High School Gangster’ and was the prime suspect in the December 4, 2017 twin murder of his own mum and younger sister. He was caught in Varanasi, UP.  The minor did confess that since his mobile was taken away he had started hating his mother. He could not stand the fact that his mobile was taken away from him.  Dangerous and life threatening games have also been on the net like the blue whale challenge which took many lives through out the world.Hence it’s a very serious issue.


  • Displaying of inappropriate content: The other hazard is that a kid might be presented to unseemly materials of a sexual or brutal nature. Sites like you tube and many social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber expose minors to links and ads which can lead them astray. All the sites are free but run on ads. They make money on the users download; choices of personal tastes are being profiled.

Videos games, porn material in the form of cartoons are also circulated.

  • Physical attack: Another danger is that, while on the net, a child may give personal information such as house address or mobile number .he could be in a position to coordinate an ordeal that could risk his well being. In a couple of cases, paedophiles have mined on the online activities and notice sheets to pick up a youngster’s certainty and afterward mastermind an up close and personal gathering.


  • Cyber bullying:


  • Other peril is that a child
  • may encounter e-mail or notice board messages that are humiliating in nature. A bully can take disguise in the web world behind a pseudo name, masking his or her actual personality. This mystery makes it hard to follow the real source and urges them to act more encroaching and abusive than they may in a circumstance where they were recognized.

Cyber bullying can incorporate activities as making gossips, blackmailing, sending provocative or racial or ethnic slurs, gay bashing, endeavoring to contaminate the persons PC with a deadly virus and flooding an email inbox with messages.


The Z-generation kids understand the nitty- gritties of computers more quickly and easily than their elders. Today’s children grow up with access to computers  and not just standalone computers but mobiles and tabs that are networked to the rest of the world through the Internet. They have access to all sorts of electronic devices astablets, mobiles and their very own laptops. Many of them love to explore and experiment, as children have always done; that’s an important element in learning. Shockingly, that investigation and experimentation can lead them to virtual “spots” that are lawfully forbidden, and transform them into culprits (or adolescent delinquents) even without their mindfulness that they’re doing anything incorrectly.

Some basic and usual behavior of the children that has been a characteristic of school days disciplining for many ancient years like teasing other kids about their outer appearance, race, caste, name calling, for being too smart or too dumb or too tall or too short or wearing glasses or an infinite number of differences – can turn into something far more ominous-sounding (cyber bullying) when taken online.  Comments by the children become nasty when gossiping online. This conduct of the children those stuck in an unfortunate situation not simply with guardians and educators, but rather with the lawful experts, too.

Children have a tendency to do with PCs what kids did in past ages without PCs. They play games, chat online, make jokes, they jab into places they’ve never been, they experiment with things their companions are doing, they endeavor to discover more about illegal subjects, for example, sex, they hang out with different children who are “awful impacts.” For instance in a chat room it’s not necessary that they are meeting kids of their own age group. Many a time’s paedophiles are lurking in such chats rooms. They befriend them and can be dangerous in near future.


Countries like Belgium have taken this issue very seriously as to give kids a much more natural environment for growth. Kids are supposed to be out in the open, play and have real fun. The Belgium government and other European countries  as UK are also following the suit. They will not let the kids play, study and work all the time on computers. They have to be switched off. Screen off times will be applied soon. Even US is thinking on this net addiction as a hazardous behavior.



Children today advantage massively from the superb innovation of internet that gives them a chance to inquire about a homework, school projects,  They  venture from the solace of their rooms while never airing out a physical book, or get to know information of various subjects at the click of their button. Information is available to them instantly just by searching for it with the right words.

If we compare the current generation with their senior’s life was very different. For instance diary keeping, letter writing, sending cards, shopping for each festival cards separately, mailing post cards from the vacation diaries etc. Most of personal secrets were embedded and locked up in personal diaries or scrap books. They used to be personal stuff.

But now with the advent of social media, there is nothing personal about children’s lives that are merrily posting and publishing their lives for the predators.

The present youngsters put their lives out there on Twitter and Facebook, make senseless or mean remarks on other individuals’ sites, join flawed gatherings, post photographs of themselves in under expert positions (or, regardless of whether they’re sufficiently keen not to, they don’t have control over the photos of them that their companions – and “reticent foes” – post on the web).


internet safety

  • Use parental software control
  • Place the computer in a highly trafficked area of your domestic space
  • Bookmark for safety
  • Avoid downloads
  • Set limits on late night use
  • Establish rules and take control
  • Stay in the loop
  • As driving is permissible after 18 so should internet or only under supervision
  • Don’t leave net usage unattended.
  • Tell the children never to delete history
  • Make the child seek for permission before logging in
  • Update it with plug in and block pages
  • Use child friendly search engine
  • Keep personal information private , don’t let them fill online forms and surveys
  • Encourage openness and have a dialogue with the child if they get uncomfortable or get bullied
  • never share pictures online with strangers
  • always delete emails from strangers as it can be laced with virus, keep inbox clean
  • tell a grown up if the child gets scared or threatened ever using internet

As per JK Rowling “The internet has been a boon and a curse for teenagers”. It’s a Pandora’s world for plenty of researching to be done. However with some preventive steps from the adults and educating the children they can be kept away from the dangers. There is so much information to be extracted from the web world. If the right preventive measures are followed it can be a smooth educative and entertaining experience.

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