Way to healthy life is through healthy nutrition

Good nutrition is fundamental for good health and the overall wellness of an individual. Nutrition, diet and physical activity play an important role in the promotion of health and the protection from sickness and disease.

Healthy Eating

With changing lifestyle and different family patterns ,  dining at the table with family and near ones has slowly drifted away. With the advent of fast foods and instant cans and packages very few choose to cook fresh food at home. Cooking has taken a backstage. Food business is the trend globally. Every weekend out there is a new food outlet, restaurant popping up. Infact now there are food based shows, reality show of different cuisines. TV channels  are dedicated to food business only. Many don’t bother of what’s being consumed by the human body. So start being aware of benefits of healthy diet.  Healthy eating should become the priority when it comes to having a healthy body.

Major diseases are caused due to wrong diet and bad lifestyle throughout the world.

Simply correcting your diet leads to better performance, improves body health, reduces risk of illnesses, and lowers health care cost.

‘Where there is a will there is a way’. If you just decide to give up your wrong ways of living a healthy body is very much an achievable project.

What is nutrition?

  • ‘Nutrition’ is ‐ the science of food and its relationship to health.

The word nutrient or “food factor” is used for specific dietary constituents such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. Good nutrition means “maintaining a nutritional status that enables us to grow well and enjoy good health.”

healthy eating
healthy diet

Balanced Diet: • The diet which contains variety of foods in such  quantities and proportions that the need for energy, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates  & other nutrients is adequately met for maintaining health, vitality and general well‐being and also make a small provision for extra nutrient to withstand short duration of leanness.

How to jump start your day?

Just by beginning the day  by having a healthy nutritious breakfast can make your day. If you simply prep up the day before for the things required  for making breakfast if might save you essential amount of time. Many wake up and rush things off. Unfortunately this generation sees a lot of people of consuming food on the go. Cities like Singapore have food courts and streets dedicated to professionals who skip meals at home so they buy food  on their way to work. This is not a healthy trend. Many people are always in a rush.

A very old saying goes as “Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

This phrase has its relevance still today.  If you start to get in your beds early at night, it will benefit your overall well being. A good night’s rest is one of the easiest goals to achieve. Hence you are fresh in the morning. To lead a healthy life, it’s not just instantaneous. It’s a cycle, a process which initially requires a discipline and gradually translates into a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast genuinely is the most critical feed of the day. Not exclusively will breakfast give one the required vitality to begin the day, eating can give various medical advantages. The correct breakfast food can enhance focus, give individuals quality, and even help keep up a optimal BMI (Body Mass Index). Having a sound breakfast appeared to enhance focus and execution in the working environment and classroom. Alongside the bounce of energy the individual in question gets, their body has more quality and continuance to do those numerous physical exercises they jump at work and home. Smart dieting begins when individuals wake up, and with a reasonable breakfast, their body will begin to augment the advantages of practicing good eating habits.

‘Food Pyramid’ is an important chart to understand a good diet and its key components. We all have read about it in school days . This pyramid has undergone a lot of changes. But the fact of the matter is its main components include proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, essential vitamins and nutrients. It’s simply supposed to include a rainbow diet with leafy greens, colored fruits and salads etc.

Good dieting is the correct decision for everybody’s body. There are numerous advantages to the body when individuals practice good eating habits. The three advantages that call attention to are keeping an optimal BMI, forestalling medical issues and securing more vitality. Despite the fact that there are individuals who think there are no health  issues when they abstain from eating healthy, eating well causes them have a more beneficial body and avoid illnesses and different dangers to the body. A few reasons individuals may evade smart dieting are that they are not monetarily ready to purchase the important things to have a solid eating routine or that they simply don’t realize how to keep up a refreshing eating routine.


healthy eating
grocery section with ample choices

You have just to stroll down the path at your neighborhood grocery store to find that there has been a nutrient bombardment. Each conceivable nutrient and mineral required by the body is accessible in case, pill, tablet, or powder frame. When your body has achieved the purpose of undesirable working, or you have put such a strain on your body from over utilization that one of the related illnesses has grabbed hold, it’s practically difficult to address one issue without making another.

This is why eating the right amount and the right foods and staying away from any substance use such as tobacco or alcohol are the best way to go. Having a healthy diet is not as far fetched as people may think. All they need to do is develop a healthy eating habit and stick to it. Knowledge is the key to being aware. Be mindful of what you put in your mouth. Every snack, every drink and food should be well thought of. Don’t grease your arteries with fries and sodas. It only harms the vital organs. You end up paying more in the damages of your body by investing in junk food.

By eating well you are boosting your vitality levels, enhancing your stamina . It strengthens your immune system. By eating a sound healthy diet routine and joining this with exercise you could finish up carrying on with a more extended progressively dynamic life. At the point when individuals eat well it causes them to have more stamina. One’s battery gets totally energized once you begin devouring clean green fuel.

The least, one can do for themselves is prioritizing health.  It is the most essential task for anyone who is struggling with obesity or disease. Without good health, life can be very difficult.

Every one of the specialists, health care givers, dietitians, well-being mentors, and restorative analysts instruct us to eat crude products of the soil. That guidance is joined by data on the best way to choose meats that are low in immersed fat and cholesterol. In addition, the significance of disposing of all prepared wheat items and refined sugar items, and supplanting them with 100% entire grain breads and pastas, and regular sugars like nectar and genuine maple syrup.

See – it sounds simple . . . right? The question which is now raised is what are the reasons behind an unhealthy diet?



  • Being lazy
  • Habitual junk food eater
  • Being a consumer to instant foods like instant oats, instant noodles, packaged food and drinks with empty calories
  • Food at just a click away so why bother to cook
  • Home deliveries
  • Instagram ready to eat meals at food courts and beautiful dine in restaurants
  • Not researched enough or not aware of hazards of bad and wrong eating habits


Eating Healthy: A Way of Life

healthy eating
choose health


Eating right can be a way of life. A food is not made from chemical preservatives impossible to articulate or understand by layman. Items on a food ingredient list should be things recognizable as food. All clean fuel as fresh foods are needed to promote a clean body.

Healthy weight is easy to maintain. To have an abundant amount of energy and no issues with high blood pressure, cholesterol levels or blood sugar levels and for the skin to looks great is achievable. By following healthy eating habits, the body is provided with the necessary fuel needed to function properly and gives vitality needed to play an active part .Healthy eating helps one feeling young, looking great, and eager to grasp all life has to offer!


Super foods pack a punch that is satisfying to your table, palate and your physiology. These arrangement of sustenance’s can be preventive measures instead of eating pills. From malignancy aversion and total well being to delightful skin and weight control, adding the correct nourishment to your day by day diet has a colossal effect.

Here are few of these super foods which can strengthen your immune system and health. From fruits to green leafy vegetables and dried nuts and seeds, this list is just a summary.

Papaya, Pineapple, Broccoli, Tomatoes, ginger, garlic, turmeric,spinach and extra virgin olive oil/ coconut oil/ ghee

The list is big. Some other super foods included are berries, seed and nuts, green tea, eggs, legumes, dairy products and salmon. All the above tips can help in leading a healthy life. Just make the right choices. It’s just that simple.





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