Junk Food: A Methodology to curb its addiction

Our surroundings are just bombed with junk food corners. In this quick fix world junk food has become synonymous to comfort food. The word junk food is quite self explanatory. Junk means waste, scrap and filth. So how come the food industry is making such a bargain from this junk food.

The answer lies in the human weakness. Junk food leads to an addictive behavior.

Junk food

To have a healthy body, we have to target around a sound eating routine and way of life. Basically, a solid way of life depends on three components: variety in nourishments and dinners, an adjusted vitality admission and enough physical exercise to avoid obesity .A sound eating regimen incorporates sufficient products of the greens, an adjusted starch, fat and protein allow, and evading high admission of salt, refined sugars, saturated fats and trans fats. Your plate can have rainbow shades of fruits, vegetables, sprouts and salads of different colours and textures.

Living junk free is tied in with settling on more advantageous decisions for a more joyful life. Everybody’s junk is distinctive – the objective is to roll out improvements in your eating routine and way of life so you feel more beneficial and more joyful when you kick off the waste.

Living without the junk food is tied in with getting a charge out of nutritious nourishments and drinking a lot of water. When in doubt, eat a lot of vegetables, natural product, grainy substances, lean meats and poultry, vegetables and beans, yogurt and cheddar or non-dairy choices.

It’s vital to constrain the measure of calorie you eat that contain soaked fat, extra salt, high sugars and preservatives for general wellbeing and satisfaction.



Define junk foodjunk food

Food which is high in salt, sugar, fat, calories but very miniscule in nutritional content. Food which is enjoyable and appealing with no real health value. Now a day’s junk food has to be Instagram worthy. When you order food people start taking selfies first with their respective food orders and then eat. Junk is usually a packaged food processed with chemical preservatives. Most of the quick foods are laced with high sugar or salt contents.

Junk foods in its umbrella have all types of salted snack foods, gum, candy, sweeties, fried fast food, sugary carbonated beverages etc. In plain and simple words the packaged foods and other quick/ instant fixes are junk foods. In terms of price these are quite cheap and are time savers. But please remember its other cost, which is health. Junk food has plenty of empty calories which leads us to become overweight.

Elements found in the junk or fast food are of addictive and preservative substances.

This society has weapons of mass destruction on every street corner which is simply called fast food joints which serve donuts, cheeseburgers, French fries, potato chips, junk food. Our kids are living on a junk food diet.
Junk food has become popular. It’s trendy.  Food looks good, is cheap and quick .However it comes only with disadvantages. Junk food is as harmful as smoking and drinking. Marketing and media comes with labeling statutory warning on such substances as cigarettes and drinks. But media popularize s junk food. It’s just about capital. There is too much revenue involved in this fast food business. Hence no government or any agency will stop this mad rush for fast food. I am responsible for myself so I can live life without such garbage.


What does junk food lead to?

junk food

You end up overweight, feel lethargic. Junk food has sodium; dopamine gets released in the brain and pancreas release sugar into cells. Fat cells grow leading to many lifestyles diseases. The belly fat makes an individual a train wreck.

The expansion of junk food is specifically connected with the obesity, coronary illness, hypertension, certain tumors, tooth rot, and different maladies.

Junk food snatches both our mental and physical well being. It will potentially lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.

Tips to counter this junk food addiction

  1. Eat small and frequent meals
  2. Clean your closets, don’t keep any packaged food as chips, candies and colas.
  3.    Start home cooking
  4. Drink plenty of fluids. Apart from water you can prepare delicious detox flavored water.
  5. Take care of your five senses as which image, smell, thought and taste of food makes you salivate at the thought of junk food.

Impact of junk foods on kid’s health

Energy and concentration:

As per plenty of researches junk food damages levels of energy and concentration of children. Junk nourishment and meal with high sugar content exhaust vitality levels and the capacity to focus for expanded timeframes. Vitality and concentration are particularly critical for school-age kids. Children arrange the establishment for deep rooted ideas in their childhood, making junk nourishment especially perilous to their balanced advancement. Physical exertions likewise fundamental for offspring of any age, and consistently eating junk food does not give the vital supplements kids requirement for adequate vitality to take part in physical movement. An absence of exercise is unsafe to physical and mental well being and may likewise prohibit a kid from basic social advancement in life.

Weight Gain:

Another study discovered fast-food utilization in kids was connected with numerous risky disorders for obesity. As indicated by this investigation, kids who ate fast food will probably devour a higher measure of calories, fat, starches and included sugars in a single fast food supper. They were additionally less inclined to splurge as much fiber, drain and products of the soil as kids who did not eat fast food. Kids who expended all the more stuffing nourishments while eating fast food were additionally likely, all in all, to eat more undesirable food at different dinners. Fatty meals can be addictive, causing youngsters who once in a while eat fast food to learn hazardous examples of eating. These variables were found to put kids who consistently ate fast food at expanded hazard for stoutness.

Lifelong ailment:

Junk food is accused for rising rates of diabetes, hypertension and stroke. Expanding rates of endless sickness influence kids who routinely feed on junk food. Levels of overall well being are wrongly impacted. Diseases are caused both in their physical and mental levels. Brain is having the maximum impact of such a junkie food disorder. It leads you to live a perception of fullness in your diet only through junk food. It’s a make believe function through these processed foods.

 Parents have to watchful in their kid’s diet. Be their role models, give them healthy treats. Reward them with something exciting in the healthy fashion. Educate them about the evils of junk food in their bodies.

Temperamental issues as Confidence and Depression are affected:

Confidence and trust in oneself are particularly critical to developing kids, and routinely expending garbage sustenance can contrarily affect this feeling of self. Junk food can influence a kid’s physical advancement in unfavorable ways, including unfortunate weight pick up, which can bring about confidence issues. Low confidence can prompt outcomes like dejection. Such food affects development and improvement, execution in school and social connections and can at last prompt suicide.

Become one team with your kids to fight off the junk food menace

  • Control your T.V time: Any kids channel shows how kids munch on junk food. Avoid such shows.
  • As parents be the real role models as how you are also taking healthy nutrition.
  • Goes grocery shopping together with kids. Give them healthy choices.
  • Enjoy and cook food together whenever possible
  • Explain the children the dangers of junk food. For instance if kids become obese they might be bullied or won’t be taken in sports/ won’t get a partner to go to the prom etc. Motivate them correctly to stop their junk food urge and adopt a healthy lifestyle.junk food



So leaving junk food is just a matter of your decision. U can turn this around to Say No to Junk food. Think about it as why abuse our human body. It’s about training your mind. Don’t need to salivate at the thought of Junk food as it’s purely garbage. Start cooking fresh as per your tastes. The internet has plenty of recipes which can be quick and easy. It’s all about how to research and find healthy food and lifestyles.

Let food be your medicine. Junk food belongs to the trash; keep it from yourself and your near ones. There is always a way to adopt a healthy life style.


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