A women’s life and her journey post pregnancy

A women’s life completely changes  post pregnancy. She undergoes a complete transition in all arenas of her life. Post pregnancy ,a  women’s physical and  mental aspect changes and a totally new format is brought in.

post pregnancy
post pregnancy

There is no satisfaction and joy as bearing a child to this wonderful world. Life is brimming with readiness and tension amid the preggy stage. But in all this reality, the main concerns starts once you really have your little one to look after. Having a lil person can be the most joyful snapshot of a humans life. A sweet little infant for the most part gives unseasoned parents colossal euphoria. This anxiety can go away or even stay around for long-term with uneasiness about the infant. Also comes in  the obligation the unseasoned parents are looked with.

Both birth and the baby blues period include a specific level of risk for the birthing mother and  her new infant. Since labour is quite a risky affair (the normal lifetime danger of dying from pregnancy-related causes is around one out of fifteen , mostly in third world nations). Most societies have particular examples that decide how the birthing procedure will be done. The birthing procedure includes distinctive birthing positions and other diverse tenets. Concerning who is permitted to be available amid the season of birth; systems for choosing where birth happens; and distinctive courses by which mother and kid manage work. As an occasion, birth is wherever a contender for consensual molding and social control the specific example relying upon nearby history, nature, social structure, and so forth .By investigating the first human state of labour one can pick up knowledge into the all inclusive bio social wonder known as the birthing procedure.

To deliver a baby in this world, and become a mum is a source of enumerable types of emotions , expectations and pressures.

post pregnancy
post pregnancy joys


The women has many changes in her life. A complete new schedule in post pregnancy comes over. Babies unvoiced demands and then you have to deal with others. But in her own self the women has to cope up with many other transitions.

Physiological changes: Some of the bodily changes post pregnancy in the females body include lochia (Bleeding), discharge which continues for upto a week. Then there is breast swelling, and uterine pain  which are all part of what happens after delivering a baby.

  • Periods normally gets light by end of two weeks, anyway scarce or discontinuous draining may proceed uptill a month and a half. Repetitive substantial bleeding or coagulating with or without foul smell must be accounted to a specialist quickly.
    • Sore nipples: Any soreness in areolas is generally settled inside couple of days post pregnancy. For the most part by then you would know how to legitimately latch  child to your areolas and infant additionally becomes accustomed to it.
  • To avert soreness of nipples
  •             Allow areolas to get some air between the baby being breastfed. Keep  them open without covering them with any tight or closed fittings.
  •             Put little of your breastfeed milk on the nipples and enable it to dry in the wake of nursing.
  •             Feed infant all the more frequently with the goal that he gets less eager.
  •             Try to reposition to get into agreeable stance.
  • Consult specialist for areola soreness creams and solutions like certified lactation consultant.

Breast engorgement: More often than not between second to fifth day post pregnancy, your bosom drain will increment to bigger volume. Now you would feel sensations of pain and numbness in your bosoms and you will hear infant gulping while at the same time nursing. There is a plausibility that your bosom will get full with milk and progress toward becoming rock hard, this is called engorgement. To keep away from engorgement, attempt and feed infant in shorter interims. Till the time request supply isn’t levelled out you can express the abundant milk from your bosom. Putting away bosom drain is a choice. Ice packs or hot towels relieve engorged bosoms.Using ice cold cabbage also helps such engorged breasts. You can even take a warm shower.

Other  bodily changes

Females may encounter an extensive variety of baby blues issues, some more genuine than others and each with its own side effects. A portion of the more typical body issues include: Postpartum infections, (including uterine, bladder, or kidney infections)

  • Heavy bleeding post pregnancy
  • Pain in the perineal area (between the vagina and the rectum)
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Breast problems, such as swollen breasts, infection and clogged ducts
  • Stretch marks
  • Hemorrhoids and constipation
  • Urinary or fecal (stool) incontinence
  • Severe hair loss
  • Discomfort during sex
  • Difficulty regaining your pre-pregnancy shape

Hault in her career: Many woman make the choice of becoming a full time caregiver including me. Sometimes its her personal choice and many a times she gives up due to family pressures. Raising babies needs a lot of patience and care.

High rise in expenses for the baby: the media showcases plenty of desirables. Looking at the market trend the nursery is loaded with abundant of luxury items some necessary and quite a few unnecessary items.

Tick tock time flies: No me time. No couple time. Such times just seems to be utopian. You just get time to attend to your baby. And if you have a good family support then the mother gets time to take care of her own health.

Sleepless Nights: If the mother decides to breastfeed ,nights change into horror. Ideally the mother should sleep when the baby sleeps. However there can be plenty of scenarios where the woman have to do the other household chores when baby sleeps.

Household chores triple after a baby: Babies work becomes important for the mum so many household work takes a back seat. Still this job for the little person is infinite.

Exhausting period after the baby is born: The real parenting phase begins once the baby really arrives in the midst of all previous 9 month challenges. Mommy pressures are anyways too big. For instance breastfeeding. How long to breastfeed? Is it OK to bottle feed. What about nipple confusion? There are innumerable questions and pressures that haunt the new mum. But thanks to numerous networks on social media and the miraculous net,  women can get her queries resolved.

Clashing of parenting styles: In an Asian family where there are still a number of families which live in the traditional joint family set up have many orthodoxies to overcome. In a family where you have your seniors to advice there are many different school of thoughts which clashes. Even between the husband and wife there are quite a few differences in how to raise the child. Differences of opinion are but natural in a family.

Mummy Tummy : the tummy is laced with stripes. The dreaded stretch marks are all over the mummy tummy. After the babies delivery the new mum has a saggy free tummy.

post pregnancy
pregnancy tummy

New mothers are concerned with their body image and the ability to adapt to parenting

 Baby blues of post partum

Postnatal depression after having a baby:  The presentation of a child can be an euphoric and invigorating time, yet following week, a couple of females may experience postnatal depression issue. Mothers routinely experience what is called “postnatal anxiety,” attitude swings that are the eventual outcome of high hormonal changes that occur in the midst of and in a flash post pregnancy. They may in like manner experience more veritable enthusiastic prosperity jumbles, for instance, post birth uneasiness, birth-related post-horrendous weight issue or a genuine anyway remarkable condition called postnatal anxiety psychosis.

All things considered, clinical pensiveness occurs in around 15 to 25 percent of the female population, and women are twice as likely as men to experience despair. Women are especially vulnerable against depression and anxiety post pregancy. Women who develop these disarranges don’t need to feel humiliated or alone; treatment and support are open.

Postnatal depression are to a great degree ordinary, occurring in up to 80 percent of new mothers. Depicted by outlook swings, postnatal depression or “postnatal misery” are run of the mill reactions that various mothers experience following birth. The start of postnatal depression generally happens three to five days after carrying, and should subside as hormone levels settle. Symptoms all around don’t continue going for more than fourteen days. If a person continues experiencing mood swings or assessments of despair for more than two weeks after delivery, the issue may be  addressed to an expert. For some new mothers, in any case, the enjoyment is supplanted with a condition known as post birth anxiety. “Post birth anxiety is a bona fide issue that  was not discussed with no attempt at being subtle.

Change of routine: After the introduction of your youngster, your entire arrangement of association will change. Calendars will basically spin around your infant’s normal (sleep time, snoozes, breastfeeding or encouraging, setting off to the nursery). Heading off to the specialist will probably turn out to be a piece of your everyday life, particularly when your youngster begins going to nursery and brings home a wide range of bugs and sicknesses.

You may experience difficulty discovering time for cleaning up and doing all the standard family unit tasks. Where your monetary circumstance is concerned, sufficiently sparing cash to guarantee your children’s childhood and welfare will turn into your best need.

At last, arranging arrangements ahead of time (for example, having a drink with your companions) will turn into a much required need.

Less time for yourself: On the off chance that you used to spend 30 minutes in the restroom consistently before going to work, be cautioned this is presumably going to change. Rather, you should sustain, change and dress the child, set up their sack and push-seat, place everything in the auto, and in the end drop him or her off with the nanny.As for those unconstrained night times you used to go through with your companions, except if you call a sitter or your accomplice is in control for the night, you will most likely need to decrease and remain home. Sorting out your dates with your companions ahead of time will wind up mandatory.

Less sleep : Getting up around evening time when child is crying or having no time for a lie-in at the end of the week: being a parent additionally implies less rest. Besides, discovering time for a snooze amidst the evening when your kids are home turns out to be relatively outlandish.

Change of habits and priorities : Stopping smoking, cleaning the house at regular intervals rather than consistently, going out with companions who have youngsters, going to bed at 9 pm on Friday evening: turning into a parent changes your propensities a lot.Your needs change as well. You concentrate more on the imperative things, for example, your family, your youngsters, and your pastimes. Since you have less time and vitality, you are not ready to do everything that you used to do, yet you’ll compensate for this by organizing those which matter the most.

Change in Roles :  From your other previous roles as a wife or a daughter, now you become a full fledged wife. Your commitment from a dotting wife shifts to a dotting mum.  Sentimental meals with candles all of a sudden end up rare. Open doors for sexual closeness can frequently turn into an irregularity as well, with maybe lost drive after labor and after that an absence of vitality after the an excessive number of restless evenings. In the event that you are a solitary parent, finding an opportunity to date is additionally a long way from simple, in spite of the fact that it is still possible. On the other hand, your association with your accomplice may turn out to be significantly more grounded because of the introduction of your youngster. Seeing your infant out of the blue, seeing the greater part of their accomplishments and turning points, or battling together to accommodate them, can make an intense bond amongst you and your accomplice that nothing else can coordinate.

Baby becomes the centre of the family:  Your child is presently your main need. You consider him or her constantly. Your feelings, for example, stresses or extraordinary satisfaction, all spin around your little person. In the event that you go shopping, for example, you’ll likely dependably put your child’s needs first and won’t regard yourself . You additionally won’t go out as much as you did earlier.

Try these ways to help you get through those first  few weeks.

  • Give yourself a break. Expect in any event the early month to challenge and don’t whip yourself. Call your accomplice or a companion for extra help.  take break from night breastfeeding. Fill the bottles using breast pump and let your partner do the nights whenever possible.
  • Have a healthy way of life :In spite of the fact that the difference in eating regimen may begin when you star t attempting to end up pregnant, ladies should likewise be additional careful about what they eat amid pregnancy. At long last, giving careful consideration to one’s eating regimen additionally applies to mom’s who are breastfeeding.Where sustenance is concerned, it’s vital to set a decent example to the children by eating great yourself. In like manner, you may find that your snacks and suppers as a parent are regularly substantially more beneficial than they were before you had youngsters: more vegetables and natural products, less junk food and sugar .
  • Remember that you’re doing what’s best for you and your family, and that you’re helping to give your baby the very best life possible.
  • Cherish the astonishing inclination by the day’s end when you get the chance to see your tiny one.

Be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself.

Pat yourself on the back of doing the birthing process successfully. It does not matter whether the procedure was natural or caesarean . You did it.

Remove toxic thoughts and eliminate negative people around you. congratulate yourself on your newly born member and enjoy this time. Be calm and patient. Be like a willow tree just embrace the changes life has brought in. You will surely reap its moments.



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