Celebrity Sheroes after child birth and their successfull careers


Sheroes are just woman heroes. Post pregnancy woman go through a lot of obstacles both in their personal and public life.  She is able to balance things inspite of many odds.  The transition from pregnancy to motherhood is anyways very taxing. And if you have a work-life getting back to your profession after 6 months of maternity leave sounds very daunting .However  Moms of all races are breaking the glass ceiling. Mums are top achiever and are  Sheroes in their chosen field through out the world.

But here are some Sheroes who are incredibly successful and are trying to reach their goals even after child birth. So a big salute to some of the world renowned Sheroes enlisted below.


Mary Kom  :


The Asian Queen Mary Kom has another feather in her cap. She is a five time world champ and an Olympic bronze medalist. She is a powerhouse performer both at professional and personal life.

Mary Kom has been nominated as the member of the Rajya Sabha by the President of India.

Mary has taken maternity  breaks to deliver twins in 2007 and another child in 2013. However that is not stopping her from achieving not only national but also international titles.   

Boxing champ

Her greatest motivation was Dingko Singh who was the gold medalist in the 1998 Asian Games.

As a young lady she confronted passionate restriction from her folks with respect to her decision of a vocation as a boxer. Kom  is the sole Indian female boxer to win an award in the Olympics.   Mary is the unrivalled female boxer to win a medal in six back to back world championships. Kom has won a gold medal in the Asian Games. In company with Sanjay and Harshit Jain, Mary Kom bore the Queen’s Baton in the opening function keep running in the stadium for the 2010 Commonwealth Games of Delhi.Mary Kom is the only amateur  competitor to win the Padma Bhushan.

She patrons the cause of animal rights and works for PETA India. One of her biggest win has been the Bronze medal at London Olympics, 2012.

women boxing

Five-time World Amateur Boxing Champion Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte, also called Mary Kom  has lead the Indian Women’s boxing unexpected at the Commonwealth Games, 2018. Hailing from Manipur, Mary Kom is the main female Indian boxer to pack a gold medal in 2014 Asian Games (Incheon). She likewise won the Gold in 2010 Asian Games (Guangzhou). In the Asian Women’s Boxing Championship she has won Gold in 2017, 2012, 2010, 2005, 2004.

Boxing champ Mary Kom, who’s won the Arjuna Award, Padma Shri, and Padma Bhushan, has a street in Manipur named after her, and is the Additional Superintendent of Police in Manipur, has had the title “Magnificent Mary” presented upon her by the AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Association.) We completely concur!

Mary Kom’s not only a fabulous boxer, she’s an incredible mother as well.  She has three children, and wishes for an infant young baby gal. She works for young moms and young gals wherever to accomplish their fantasies, as she did. We cherish her certainty and her endeavors to motivate womanhood. She has opened the Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation in Manipur only to train  young females. Cheers to her steel spirit. She is definetly a shero in the boxing ring but nonetheless she is a shero in her personal life as well.


Serena Williams:


Serena Williams is an expert tennis pro player from the States, and is considered as a top notch amongst the best female tennis players the world has ever watched.  Williams has now won 17 back to back successive matches at Wimbledon including the 2015 and 2016 titles.

She achieved the 2018 Wimbeldon finalist feather immediately after 10 months of delivering baby Alexis Olympia.

Serena Williams has been seen in a recent CNN interview where she inspires people to donate to UNICEF to help prevent pregnancy-related and newborn fatalities globally.

Serena  has always appeared to be a dependable super shero.  She has always been successful in quieting her critics. She has proven many times over that she’s one of the greatest competitor born ever. But by using her celebrity status to educate and change  the narrative around women, childbirth and motherhood, she further transcended sports and became an important voice in the fight to change the world. Her life is surely of a true shero.

She has been the world number one for 319 weeks which has made her the third best tennis player ever of WTA. With 39 Grand Slam titles in every one of the classifications, she holds the most number of Grand Slam titles among current players, and second most highest  in the all time tally.


Sushmita Sen:

India needs to have more role models like the diva Sushmita Sen. As per her title where she won the Ms universe title, She still keeps winning hearts of the masses. She has been known to maintain a different lifestyle where she does not meet the standard Indian norms. She is known to live life in her own terms . She has 2 beautiful girls both adopted .She is new age mum .She is a glamorous successfull single mom of two girls,

Few lifetime lessons by our dear Sushmita Sen

  • Don’t shy away from competition just because the other ones were more famous and well recognized. Your own talents and strengths might surprise you.
  • Be patient with the Indian judiciary. After 10 years of legal battle she became the mum of a second girl child.
  • Adoption is challenging for a single mum but not impossible.
  • Be courageous : follow your dreams and passions
  • Teach daughters to believe in themselves


Angelina Jolie:


One of the most famous Hollywood unconventional mums of six children.  Apart from being a successful movie star, Angelina Jolie was named UNHCR Goodwill ambassador on Aug 27, 2001.Over the years she has donated millions of dollars for humanitarian causes. In all of this charitable works in different parts of world, she connected closely with the children. On March 10, 2002, she adopted her first son, Maddox at seven months old originally Cambodian. Then she took in a six month old  Eithopian girl in 2005. In 2006 She biologically gave birth to Shiloh Novel.  In 2007 she adopted another Vietnamese  infant. After which in 2008 she gave birth to twins in France. Their pictures were sold for a heafty amount of 14 million dollars. All of this was donated to their charity. A true shero in its real essence is this beauty and UN ambassador.

The list is now ever growing of the successful moms who are inspirational to the female kind. If you put your heart and mind on it everything is achievable. So take account of these beautiful Sheroes and inspire your life.

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