Lucky 13 Tips to rejuvenate your Career after Childbirth

Career after Childbirth

With grit feminine powers comes the gift of motherhood. It is one of the most amazing journeys in any women’s life. Since the time you conceive, a woman steers herself into the unknown. In a planned IDEAL pregnancy a woman is able to prepare herself for a nine-month change. Her womb gets equipped for the little one. Everyone is prepared for D day. Maybe in India now the cradle room is also dolled up. But is that the scenario for most of us or is it for a just a privileged few. A vast majority of us Indian women painstakingly undergo the nine months of sweet pain where we need to cook, wash, clean and at the same time take care of ourselves along with the gift inside us. But how do we rejuvenate our Career after Childbirth?

The metropolitan woman studied hard for her degree, struggled as much as the men did and finally landed up getting married as the Indian social standard asked for. What comes after is a quick corporate lookalike period which we would like to call the ‘Honeymoon Period’ wherein it’s all fun and no worry and thereafter comes the real life of an Indian Women who is supposedly trained specialist to answer the question which is:

“Well, when are you giving us the good news”???????????

Marriage, whether it is arranged amongst families or love marriage which is an arrangement between individuals, does not matter anymore. Women being the provider as always unlike what we assume ourselves to be, again provides for what our In-Laws or our Husbands ask for – A Child. Pregnancy happens to a natural born woman only but does giving birth to a cherub puts an end to all questions. A simple answer would be a big ‘No’ because then pops the other iconic question after childbirth which is:

“Should I work (self- introspection)” or “Can I join my office again (approval from in-laws or husband in command)”

Whatever is the scenario; on this side of the world that is the Indian Sub-Continent all of us women are unanimously united in this dilemma. “Silly me”: How dare I question in this patriarchal Indian community. We should never forget that we women are not supposed to question as we have just been trained to answer.

Now after all the drama of childbirth (a good drama though), endless sleepless nights and many zombie walks I stabilize My Mind, My Body, My Spirit.

I now want to rejuvenate my sleeping career after childbirth.We all want to get back into our public workspace not just to earn money but to fuel our ever giving nature. But how do we do that?

Returning mums are frequently stressed that returning to work after a break will be an overwhelming errand. In any case, believe me, this isn’t the situation by any stretch of the imagination. You are as yet the same skillful, proficient individual that you were before the professional break; in fact, I would like to say you are even better. Furthermore, there are some phenomenal abilities that you picked up while being a SAHM! (Stay @ home mum).

Here are 13 tips to help you make your life better organized and at the same time make your professional comeback smoother.

Take it easy:  In your initial couple of months back at work, you will without a doubt experience days when you conclude that you should have been with your little one.  Let such thoughts just pass by you. Don’t let it dampen your spirits. Experts say most mothers require time to get used to another schedule. In any event, take each day as small baby steps towards your desired goal. It could be as small as 6 months to breastfeed the baby or even longer which is always better and braver. Be realistic about your professional goals as you have surely missed a lot during your maternity break. Take things slow and easy. We as women are surely gifted, so keep the faith hanging on. You can get back to your early routine but be adaptive to the new changes tabled on to you. Career after childbirth is surely possible.

Stock Up: A few things you might want to pick up before the big day such as:

A breast pump: If you haven’t picked up a pump yet, do buy whichever suits your budget and lifestyle during these big festive sales. A decent bag to carry your pump. Extra nursing pads, Healthy snacks and your bottle of drinking water. These things are essential for a breastfeeding mom. You don’t want to end up with engorged breasts. You want to bring back your old self and want to revive your career after childbirth, Don’t you?

Exercise:  Take it easy, just start doing what is practical. Don’t need to hit the gym immediately.  Start any form of exercise that interests you, it could be simple yoga, breathing exercise, brisk walk and if nothing suits you fire your housemaid and start doing the household chores. Trust me it works

Start early:  Plan to be 15 minutes early wherever you are going. You are inclined to overlook something on the off chance that you are running late besides it just worries everybody. Making it a norm to be marginally early, leaves a decent impact on others, can enable you to evade stress and you can convey forward this great policy notwithstanding when you begin working. Career after childbirth does not need to be a hassle, spruce it up.

Rest enough before joining work: Save yourself from falling into pieces by resting as much as you can before joining back in your career after childbirth. Set early bedtimes. Best, stick to 9 pm. You will have to get up early in order to complete the basic household chores and rushing yourself and your baby to the daycare center, so you will have to make sure that you get appropriate hours of sleep. Remember the promise of breastfeeding your baby hence take considerable rest to ensure the same.

Spare yourself from falling into bits and pieces by sleeping as much as you can before joining office. As the ancient saying goes ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a woman/man healthy, wealthy and wise. So use your app and set early sleep times. It’s wise to follow the 9 pm rule or crash after an hour soon after your dinner. You should rise right on time with a specific end goal to finish the regular family errands and keep yourself and your infant to the day mind focus, so you should ensure that you get proper hours of rest before trying to revive your career after childbirth.

De-clutter and de-stress:  Giving away things that you don’t need anymore can be extremely therapeutic. Are you still holding on to that old sweater or pair of jeans from maternity days which don’t fit? Don’t wait for anymore. Just donate it to a charity. Someone else can benefit from your old clothes and you will be left with a de-cluttered house. This festive period donate your previous size stuff. Don’t pressurize yourself that you will wear it once you lose weight. Maybe you should buy something trendy and new once you come back to your desired size and shape.  It really feels good plus surely a welcome addition to your wardrobe for a new self moving into the path of reviving your career after childbirth.

Having only things that you need means life is simple and easy to manage.

Automate your life: With zillion things to do, every woman can do with a little bit of help. Installing apps can take the load off your shoulders. Some useful apps that you can install are:

Evernote – a cross-platform app used for note taking, archiving and organizing

Google Now – organizes all the information that you need into cards so you don’t need to spend time searching for it

Automated Online Bill payment Apps – so you don’t need to remember to pay them on time, thus saving valuable time.

Online shopping – a great way to save time and get great discounts as well. Not comfortable yet enough with online shopping limit to the non-perishables only.

Prepare everything the night before: You can avoid being rushed in the morning if you keep your clothes, shoes, makeup etc. ready the night before. Same goes with your children, train them to prepare for the next day in advance. In case of very young children, you can prepare their things while you keep yours ready.

Fix your daycare/nanny/relative in advance: In case you have young children, it’s important for you to plan their daycare program/ nanny well in advance. It is a good idea to start sending the child to daycare for a few hours every day just so they get used to the environment. Be gradual, keep increasing the hours without you so they learn to settle down in your absence; so that once you land a job, it’s easier for your child to be there without you for long hours.

In case you plan to keep a nanny, make sure to hire her while you are around so you can supervise her and teach her about the child’s timings and preferences so that she and the child can take the time to adapt to each other.

Share the load: Work as a team at home. Assign chores to other family members including children so that you can get things done faster and have more time for each other. Who does not need a little bit of ‘Me Time” Don’t You?

Wash out that guilt: Last but not the least, let go of the guilt that you are giving up baby time and not giving enough care to your baby. Just keep in mind that you are working to make your baby’s future secure. Also, there is no perfect mother in this world, even if you goof up a few times, don’t keep blaming yourself for it over and over again

And finally…

Prioritize: You can avoid that social event if you don’t feel up to it or do the laundry over the weekend. Prioritize what is important for you. If there are things that can be put off for another two days then so be it.

Making these small changes in your everyday life can go a long way to ensure that you have more time for yourself and your family. So happy momming ladies with your work.

Please do share your views. Would love to hear your tips too as it is said: “Together We Can”.