Start the Year with self-care


Till 2017 of our lives we did take our self’s for granted. Don’t fret, start 2018 with Me above everyone else. It’s not about being narcissistic but loving and gently taking self-care. In this complex busy world, we are always taking care of our family, friends and work. So let’s start afresh with this new goal of self-care. ‘Self-care’, is important in helping you to stay at the top of your form physically, emotionally and mentally.

What is self-care?

Self-care is about taking responsibility for your overall health. Self-care is the effort you do to preserve your physiological and emotional health. In human beings case self-care is just not only the visible health state but it also includes the social and spiritual components of an individual’s well being. Activities such as exercise, pursuing a hobby and using relaxation techniques are all good examples of self-care strategies. Self-care will help you feel healthy, relaxed and ready for whatever life throws at you.

Self-care can recharge your drained batteries. Doing a little bit for your self is not that a daunting task. But making an effort to improve your well being will help you get a better quality of life.

Who can do self-care?

I, me, anybody can do the self-care. I have this responsibility for myself.  I am any individual irrespective of your gender, age, nationality, race, class or caste. Self-care is the least bit one needs to do for yourself. The need of the hour is now. Let’s not let any form of pain take over me. So why wait for more years of endurance with negativity. Self-care helps you focus on your own self. Self-care will help you with your own cleansing self. 

Why is self-care important?

There are plenty of reasons why self-care is important, but here are a few of the main ones:

It maintains your overall health. Physical stuff like exercise or yoga can be a great form of self-care. it keeps you strong, burns off unwanted calories and gives you a break from things that stress you out. But self-care need not be physically alone. Taking time out of your routine to do something you enjoy, like painting or reading a book, is also a great way to distract your mind and body from the stressful things in your life.

It gets you re-energized.It is important to do self-care as its a channel to unwind and de-stress after a hectic day. Going for an easy walk in the park, swimming, meditation, or even taking a nap can help you catch up on lost energy and ‘disconnect ’ from the outside world for a little while. Your energy levels are at optimal level with a wee bit of self-care. You don’t even need to spend an extra buck for that. Just take out time for yourself.

It can help you manage stress. Self-care is effective for coping with all levels of stress. Factors as anxiety, depression, and insomnia if in the initial stage can be tackled through self-care.  While dealing with stress you just need to disconnect and find your peace by your own means. Self-care helps them live their lives as fully as possible.

Even God the Lord cannot free your pain. U need to pull your socks. God can give you strength, energy as I am the creator of my thoughts and feelings. As the saying goes ‘God helps those who help themselves’

Fix this in your brain as I am the creator of my thoughts and feelings hence you become in control. You can take the charge of your life back.So you need your help. If everyone starts this the world will be a better place.  

I have a commitment to myself

I am important

I am worth it

I am learning to manage myself

Prioritize right

The needed order is 

  1.                                                          Self                    
  2.                                                         Family
  3.                                                         Work

 But what we really follow and practice is the other way round order where

works come first then family and lastly the self. so we need to stabilize the order.

If you stabilize yourself through self-care, u becomes better in all spheres which are both work and family. Your efficiency increases, results become amazing.

How to do self-care?

Meditate: Give yourself 2 mins of your life between 9 to 6. Just set your alarm for every hour to think for yourself. Create good thoughts.  Simply meditate dwell on good positive thoughts. Disconnect from your situation or the beginners can just do deep breathing. Count your breath. The ball is in your court. You are the only thinker in your mind.

Although you can practice self-care at any time, it works best if you make it part of your daily routine.

Don’t multitask: If a friend or co-worker wants to see you or needs a favour during your self-care time, tell them you’re busy. Because you are busy. Busy looking after yourself!

Be prepared: Have a list handy of self-care activities that you really enjoy. There are enormous kinds of activities, some of which are: gardening, walking, knitting, reading, catching up with old friends in person, doing yoga, breathing exercises, cooking, drawing, playing sport, and hanging out with pets, gaming or journaling. Have you missed anything? Put it on your list.

Self-talk: Learn to coach yourself. Many of us learn skills through your own personal journeys. So talk to yourself but in an uplifting fashion which can be learnt if you simply watch your thoughts.

Take a walk: Walk in your garden or Community Park or least the stairway. Walking is the easiest workout anyone can do for self-care.

Limit your food choices: eat fresh, start simple cooking. Eat healthily. Ditch junk food, fried food and other quick fixes like instant noodles etc. Start by eating anything simple and fresh. Don’t buy packed food items.

Unplug: disconnect for a while from electronics Switch everything to aeroplane mode and free yourself from the constant pings of social media and email.

Deep breathing: yoga does teach you a variety of deep breathing techniques. But just a deep inhale and exhale will provide more oxygen to your brain and lungs.

Hug someone: it could be a person or a pet.  The warmth generated between two physical entities does create a lot of warmth in the heart as well.


Break the cycle of ordinary and automated thoughts

Initially, you need to create positive thoughts

Just be more attentive

Even if you miss an hour don’t give up.

Don’t treat it as just a formula but just do it for the joy of doing it.

Below are four tips for staying the self-care

Stay positive.


Is self-care important?

In an age of uncertainty about everything from jobs, relationships one thing that is common to us all is doubt. No permanent jobs, high level of divorce, singlehood, recession, market fluctuation, political climate are some factors which surely push us to rethink the need for self-care. Due to uncertain times, nothing seems permanent in this world. Our parents who were government employees did benefit from that job permanency. However, times have changed people move around a lot both in the geographical sense as well as movement in different industries. Nature of families has changed. The composition of joint set up has now shifted to a nuclear type mainly in the urban areas.

The reality is that throughout our lives we are all constantly growing, developing and changing.

Up to a certain age, we learn through formal education and we continue to learn from our experiences for the rest of our lives. We have to learn and grow to deal with everything that life throws at us. Self-care is one of the easiest solutions to deal with issues surrounding us. If she/he start doing self-care that person becomes fit thereby a happy person. Hence a happier person is always an asset to the society who can contribute more.

A commitment to self-care and personal growth may well be the deciding factor in how one shapes her/ his future.

The human brain is a virtual warehouse of energy.There is nothing that we cannot do once we put our minds to it.

These recommendations remain true and applicable to your life, no matter who you are. However, they are just the beginning of a life-changing and life-maintaining self-care plan. In order to really begin the hard work of self-care beyond maintenance of the physical body, it’s important to have an understanding of who you are, what you enjoy, and that you feel your life has purpose and meaning.

Once you understand you are the creator of thoughts and feelings you can also be the destroyer of your pain as negative thoughts. So take responsibility for yourself. Take help of yourself to help others. You are not responsible for others but firstly for yourself. So enjoy your happy new self.