Pure Love For Travelling Leads to Travelove

We has an inherent quality of love for traveling or travelove. Travelove is about pure happiness found when travel. It’s like your pursuit of happiness. Travelling makes a man or woman an explorer, philosopher, thinker, adventurer, nature lover and find an unknown destination. The homo sapiens has this inbuilt quality of strong nomadic tendencies. It is this trait which binds our kind into one. Man or woman has always been on the go. In the primitive eras, he was into hunting and gathering society looking for food for his family and community. As civilizations turned more powerful the reasons for traveling kind of changed. Then came trade and expansion quests.

Wherever we are traveling, it is the route we travel and the relationships that are built with the people we meet along the way which will determine whether your experience was enriching enough. By traveling easy we can actually learn something from these cultures and taste the fabric of societies that live in different ways, without causing damage to them. The people we meet may be living in different surroundings, eating different food, wearing unique costumes and speaking different languages, but this can be a way of seeing and believing that the world is as large and beautiful as we might not have been able to imagine it to be. Indeed it is all part of diversity; we are, after all, living organisms, and, as a species, our adaptation through culture has enabled us to live in almost every geographic region, in the past in ways which were most appropriate for meeting our basic needs in harmony with nature.

Why do we need to move out or look out for a change?

There are a zillion reasons why folks trot around the world. As per our inquisitive nature, since he has been a cave woman /man to a modern day, woman/man, they have been searching out. Reasons are too many to write in a single blog about the need to travel. However, I have tried to jot down a few points about the love of traveling or simply travelove. For some, it could be an escape mechanism, nature lover, explorer, stress-buster, finding your inner self etc.


travel:essence of life



Going around the globe is more educational than your classroom teaching or the digital information.Its an ultimate crash course in finding out how the other end of the world really lives. Travelove will enlighten your subjects of both social and life sciences as its history, philosophy, geography, photography, sociology and molecular gastronomy etc. Each location will have something unique to gift to its travelers. Travelling helps you soak into an amazing experience.

Individuals may go to get the hang of something particular: varied dialect, varied food, parts of a divergent culture, or a more profound energy about confidence or a deep sense of well being. As a reward, they’ll take away more than their particular objective. They’ll find entirely unexpected methods for getting things done. They’ll likewise pick up familiarity with new traditions, societies, individuals, and spots.

Also, in light of the fact that you’re really encountering this learning, in actuality, not understanding it in a course reading, it will remain with you for quite a while. You’ll pick up a profound feeling of fulfillment with the new abilities you’ve learned – and new experiences you’ve picked up during travelove.


You may feel like you’re trapped in a vicious cycle in your mundane life. Or, on the other hand, you’re longing for something energizing and unique. You’re longing for new encounters and new difficulties. Travelove is simply the perfect journey to test yourself. It’s a challenge of all your five senses and very importantly you challenge your own mind, body, and spirit. It pushes individuals as far as possible and gets them outside their usual space of coziness.

You’ll find how creative you are the point at which you’re presented to new places, individuals, and encounters. Possibly it’s finding your way around a bustling city. Or, then again requesting a feast when you don’t talk their dialect.You’ll feel pride when you complete your outing effectively. Conquering difficulties will bring you happiness and vitality for future conquests. You’ll understand how skilled you are and shape your confidence plus self-esteem. Travelove helps you achieve new heights. Since you have this love for traveling you become creatively equipped enough to overcome your fears and anxieties. You take up challenges at your own level and pace and conquer it easily.


The more you see , the more you understand the world around you. Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see. Another motivation behind why individuals love to travel: it helps open the gateway of our minds. You understand that there’s no single way of living. Travelove leads you meeting people from different races, nations and other communities open up your worldview. Travelove gives you a kaleidoscope of seeing the surroundings in a different perspective. Your heart and mind keep growing.

Your level of understanding about your fellow being improves. The least would be traveling makes you a secular and a tolerant person. You become more accepting of differences amongst us and discard the idea of any superior belief. It becomes easier to discard any ethnocentric traits.(the belief in the inherent superiority of one’s own ethnic group or culture.)

The diverse setting will likewise enable you to find and consider new thoughts, creative ideas you hadn’t thought of some time recently. You’ll return home with fresh thoughts and potential outcomes.

By being presented to new places, individuals, and societies, you’ll build up a universal worldview. What’s more, travel will improve you as a progressive person. It’s an incredible reward and huge motivation behind why individuals love to travel or do Travelove.


Going away from home gives you the chance to think about your inner self. You have the required time and space to give your mind and spirit a chance to meander and take stock. Travelove is outstanding amongst other approaches to think in more about yourself in this busy world. It’s a fun way of enjoying solitude if you choose. At times pampering yourself is like keeping me before others. Not in any arrogant fashion but simply unwinding yourself from the business of life. This is especially meant for the lovely ladies reading it. Stop keeping a family above your needs always. You do deserve a much-needed break. Go out and explore yourself. Find your unaccomplished goals and look out for ways to get it done.

The way you handle different situations in a different space lets you meet your hidden traits and qualities. You’ll return home knowing yourself better, and with a strong viewpoint on what you need out of life. The experience will change your life. Travelove gives you an opportunity to bond with yourself.


Being far from our most important institution i.e. family and friends, we appreciate them more. You think of happy moments shared with them. Many a time we even take them for granted. Hence Travelove can be like joining the dots; you get the clues of how to manage your personal life better and communicate more. You treat your near and dear ones with more acknowledgment. So in a scenario when we are traveling you call them, keep them updated or in another scenario if our dear ones are traveling we keep a check on them too as their flights are on time, their safety etc. To share my personal experience I make the effort of buying a postcard and mailing it to them. This is so precious to me, whenever I am in another country.

As a person who travelove helps to value people near us more. You can showcase your feelings in a more open manner. Since you keep traveling outside, you learn to show your true feelings for people close to you. Expressing your true feelings and not being shy about it is one of the generous gifts of travelove.


In case you’re similar to millennial or Gen Z you invest excessively your time and energy for material requirements. As a student or a professional, you are chasing deadlines for submission. You are always in a constant race. Travelove pushes you to get outside once more and make the most of nature’s therapeutic and healing qualities.

Your outing doesn’t need to be a major one. Simply spending an evening at the shoreline or going out to another town will enable you to encounter a few, if not the majority of the advantages of travel. For much impact, nonetheless, tailor cut your time to travelove. Envision where you’d get a kick out of the adventure to go and get it going. You’ll be amazed how upbeat it can influence you to feel. Simple activities like star gazing, let your pet run on the beach, hugging trees, bird watching, observing the surf can strengthen your relationship with nature.These are all indulgent ways to travelove.

You get to see, feel and cherish the bounties of Mother Nature. It’s a time just to enjoy the abundance of the earth in its various forms. As per your taste you can connect with flora or fauna. Just spread out your wings, stretch yourself towards them, feel it and travelove.


In this modern age, stress is one factor plaguing the entire world.Travelling helps us to strengthen our lost selves.Travel is the much need healthy lifestyle for our body and mind. It helps us replenish the lost energies.It’s more like going to the spa which can make you feel fresh but for a short while. Whereas a needed travel uplifts you three dimensionally: mind, body, and spirit for life. It helps you relax, gets you away from your stress factors, your daily dose of trials and tribulations.Travelove enables you to focus on taking in newly acquired senses for smell, sight, taste, and sound and other socio-cultural arenas. Following a few days, you can feel your body to unwind and slow down. Travelove is one of the biggest stress busters. You can come back to your regular life with more sharpness to handle it.

In an empty mind, there come to your best thoughts which you can achieve as it is very much doable due to travelove.Detach yourself from your digital connection and connect with nature.Place yourself in the new encounters of pleasant life. Make certain to unplug: check messages or emails once in a while. keep it limited as possible.This digital disconnection when traveling will accelerate your detoxification routine as you tend to enjoy your spot more. 


joy when u travel

This is the best free curve to be used while traveling. Smile improves your face value. With a smile as a true asset, while traveling, it becomes an easy and smoother journey. You can make friends, have a great conversation. To give few instances I remember island hopping and club hopping in South East Asian islands as Boracay in the Philippines. Just smile and have an interesting conversation with the locals as well as fellow travelers. It’s just a fun way of traveling and making memories more enriching with your smile tool which can be a universal language cutting across your faith, political beliefs, food preference, race, and background. Smile aids you to connect with anything and everything around you.Your personality becomes much better as when you practice travelove it becomes very natural to smile and enjoy the natural beauties around you.


“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye

Traveling is an amazingly underrated investment in yourself. Whenever you travelove you unmask yourself to more vibrant new people, habits, cultures, and lifestyles compared to when you are living in your homeland all the time. With all the uniqueness in your life, you’re also open to new insights, ways of seeing the planet and those inhabiting those spaces, which often gives people a new found goal for their lives. If you’re feeling stuck on what your purpose is, what you want to do with your life, the career or educational path you want to pursue, go travel…you might just be surprised about what you discover as a new sense of life, purpose, and direction. Travelling opens up plenty of avenues for oneself. It becomes easier for a person to decide on one’s life goals. Your mind becomes sharper which helps you decide your true love, be it in relationships, dreams you had as a child or any other professional goals.


Some Countries Where You Get the Most Paid Vacation

If you like sun, sand, and surf, Greece offers 37 days per year of paid vacation. Close behind is France with 36, and Japan with 35.Australia and Germany provide 30 and 29 days respectively. The U.S. clocks in at 25 days. Compared to Canada’s 19, it’s a worker’s paradise beyond the border.

How about India?

The reality in India is very different from the rest of the world. Taking a holiday is not even a possibility for many people in this side. There are too many priorities to deal with or not enough in the bank, or maybe children have to attend school or medical appointments etc. The Expedia Vacation Deprivation Report, 2016, says Indians are the fourth most vacation deprived in the world. So folks just make a new year resolution and plan out a holiday for yourself or near and dear ones. The point is to celebrate yourself you deserve a break. So fly high.

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