M.O.M (Master of Multitasking): A Qualification you cannot earn

The Indian subcontinent still thrives on multiple beliefs. A nation full of rich culture and heritage, Indian Hindu Goddesses like Durga, Kali, and Lakshmi are the melting pots of Power, Strength, and Prosperity. A noticeable common aspect of all these Goddesses is the multiplicity of arms thus emphasizing the deity’s immense power and ability to perform several acts at the same time. In their likeness and image it’s hard to ignore the Indian Women who have been following these supreme beings. Indian Women have been happily multi-tasking from time immemorial, much before the ‘Open Door Policies of the 90’s which brought about a paradigm shift in the way women looked at multi-tasking – working both at home and work. It can be said that the 90’s gave Indian Women the opportunities, but from generations, they did not wait for opportunities rather created opportunities to show their immense prowess. With advances in time came about technological revolution, change of the family system to a nuclear family and the pressures of living in a fast moving society, Indian women evolved into human magimixes who are capable of shopping online as they are helping their children with their homework, cooking family lunches and dinner as well as coloring their hair. What we have now is Indian Women who is almost as good or even better than a advance machine who never have a shower without cleaning it at the same time to a domestic management consultants who are constantly thinking of ways to save time and money.

Multi Tasking Women

Juggling responsibilities

Multitasking may feel productive, but recent psychological research suggests otherwise. I remember as a child I have always seen my mum multitasking sometimes efficiently and sometimes not. I guess we as female species are not tailored to do so but equip ourselves gradually. Men easily say that they can’t multitask. Women do better in multitasking across various fields. But do we have enough evidence to claim this theory? For modern families, multitasking is a way of life. Though moms piled on more multitasking at home than dads, they were also less cheery about it. Women are famously good at multitasking. A combination of a brood of demanding children, a full-time job and a house to run means many of the nation’s females have turned into so-called superwomen capable of performing endless combinations of tasks and chores at once, all day long in middle class and definitely lower class women. Most if not all claims to be tired after a long day at work, that being a 9 to 5 job. However being a mom is not a nine-to-five job. It’s an all day, every day job that, naturally, has its own rewards. But if mothers received a salary for all the tasks they did, would they not be amongst the highest paid workers as the work hours are always erratic with no holidays, no benefits. However being a mother has its benefits — like kisses and hugs — and pitfalls, such as, chauffeuring kids all over town and wiping away tears of sadness.  Being a mom is also like an office job, in that moms must multi-task to get as much accomplished as possible. The current financial squeeze means women have to become ever more resourceful in order to conserve their most precious commodities – time and money in the era of Modinomics. It’s the best time to do online shopping now.  BUTTTT do not get carried over by the enormous amount of ads on your Newspaper, favorite channel, or whatever digital or physical medium you are used to. It’s quite a scam to get the buyers click the buy option when raining Discounts. Be carefull to compare and check the regular price before buying. Identify what you need and what you really want.

Time Management:

Time management can be a difficult skill to master. In fact, many working mothers agree that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Even the most organized working mom can become stressed out when short on time. You manage a quadruple workload daily. You try to take good care of yourself (aka self-care), you want to take care of your family well, you have a home to keep clean and organized, and, of course, you want a career you’re proud of.

Use a Planner


Set Priorities and Realistic Goals


Separate Work and Motherhood Responsibilities

7 Tips Women can follow to be the perfect Multi-Tasking M.O.M

You need a fully supportive spouse. My husband can stand in at any time for anything I do for the children and can, sometimes, do things even better than me. We pretty much share all childcare. In the initial months, it took time for him to get used to being such an active parent. I think it comes more instinctively to a mom, i.e. making time in your life for your child. But you need to have that expectation of your spouse. I know so many women who don’t have the courage to expect it from their husbands. You must!

2. You have to meet each situation, each difficulty as it comes along. There is often no solution for a problem in advance. Unfailingly, at the very last minute, a creative solution arises. But if you are going to worry your brain beforehand, you will suffer tremendously.

3 I would not be able to survive without domestic help, who are very much a part of my daughters’ childhood. I don’t believe in leaving all tasks or aspects to the judgment of the help and I supervise the nitty-gritty very closely. But much of what I achieve — childcare, cooking, housework — is thanks to the people who work in my home.

4. Don’t expect to mollycoddle your child. Even at the best of times I am a strict, impatient mom (the Kali avatar of Durga). I can be terribly unreasonable and short-tempered but I think, all told — I will ask them when they are 25 — my children will one day appreciate the fact that I was/am a working mom. Your children can become successful and hard working, I feel, if they witness work ethic firsthand. It also teaches them the value of independence.

5. Where there is a will, there is a way. It is one of those golden ages, but it is so true. It bores me stiff to see moms like turtles on their backs telling you they cannot do this and cannot do that because of this or that. Certainly, I have been super-lucky in having a very supportive husband but I feel that if you look for the solutions, you will always find them no matter what the circumstances are.

6. Delegate: ask family members to help with household chores or baby duty tasks. Incorporate others in your space; consider outsourcing laundry or household cleaning. Hire a mother’s helper from the neighborhood to come over for a few hours to give you a hand.

And most importantly

7. Plan by taking 15 minutes in the morning and considering what it is you would like to accomplish that day. Purge means getting rid of the unnecessary and learning to say “no” to what’s unrealistic or too much to take on.”

We can respect each other’s choices and know that we’re all just doing our best.

Do you have parenting tips/experiences you would like to share with us? Do let us know.