Rationale of an Indian Voting population

2019 Lok Sabha elections
2019 Lok Sabha elections

India being one of the largest democracies in the world and its shining example is of allowing adult suffrage. Voting allows its citizens the freedom of choice.

The world out there is very diverse.  Different forms of political philosophies, beliefs and forms of governance. Take the case of our neighbours China which is being ruled by Chinese Communist Party for more than six decades and Pakistan is run by the military. Their elected heads are also under the rule of their military power. Even Nepal was under constitutional monarchy till 2009. So as Indians we get to choose our heads so why not do it with some rational and sound mind.

Casting a ballot is a constitutional right that all Indians have once hitting the age of 18 irrespective of caste, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or money related status. In any case, not every person practices these rights or even completely sees how to utilize them appropriately. Casting a ballot isn’t as basic as simply heading off to a voting station and checking the EVM machine for the individual whom had the most signs and TV ads. Being a voter implies that one has an impact over the legislature and who settles on essential choices with respect to the Indian nation. Notwithstanding, in the event that one doesn’t know the majority of the insights concerning their identity voting in favour of, they could be casting a ballot indiscriminately. It is essential to do research and settle on truthful choices about who ought to be chosen. In the event that one isn’t completely educated, than the less appropriate hopeful could be chosen into office because of an absence of data. The majority of the data important to settle on a solid choice is accessible, it just relies upon regardless of whether Indians experience the push to find it and use it. Voting in favour of the most wanted and appropriate contestant is imperative whether it is BJP.Congress or other regional parties of the country.

2019 Lok Sabha elections

Meaning of vote bank: MN Srinivas coined the term vote bank in his 1955 essay ‘The social structure of a Mysore village’. India is a pluralist nation. The meaning of vote bank has expanded and manipulated to suit the interests of the politicians. Vote bank in India is very much a colonial concept now. It simply is based on divisive politics. In India population is divided into caste basis, language spoken, tribe/Dalit politics and other minority classifications.

Things that each and every voter must know

  1. criminal background of any contestant
  2. educational qualification
  3. manifesto
  4. women representation in their political team
  5. radical bent of mind that is divisive politics
  6. concept of Us and the others ruling the tone of their speeches
  7. corruption charges
  8. disclosure of their assets and net worth
  9. past performance

On the off chance that we are stressed over our future and the eventual fate of our nation, at that point we all must cast our votes. ‘Casting a ballot’ isn’t just our ‘Right’. Truth be told, it is our obligation as a citizen and we as a whole should satisfy this duty with earnestness. We as a whole MUST make our choice and should likewise motivate others to cast their votes since this is the most grounded weapon in our grasp with the assistance of which we can tackle our issues and can get an incredible upheaval the nation. Enough of shaming other political parties of what must be done.

Now the ball is in the individuals court of what can be done by the power of voting.

Instead of smoking a hookah in your village panchayats and gossiping about the Indian politics over a cup of tea, citizens need to cast votes. Just by voting a common man is able to make a political choice by her his own free will. By Clicking a vote, it’s a formal articulation of inclination for a contender for office or for proposed goals of a manifesto. Voting for the most part happens with regards to an extensive scale national or local race, be that as it may, neighborhood and little scale network decisions can be similarly as basic to singular support in government. The real power in this Indian political theater are its voters. voters by their free will if exercised with caution can set the path of development running.

The current ruling party has surely put us in the global map but there are other worries as

  •  Rise in lynchings
  • Mob violence:
  • GDP
  • Demonetisation
  •  NRC controversy
  • Hyper nationalism
  • Poor employment scenario: a 45 year low by the NSSO

Right to vote is a fundamental right.

Voting is also a duty of all Indian nationals. It is dependent upon the Individual to choose whom he/she needs to cast a vote Be that as it may, before making our choice; we should consider the past execution of the specific party and its plan for what’s to come. We as a whole should cast a ballot without getting influenced by the variables like rank or religion. Rather our attention ought to be on elements like the gathering’s stand on National Security, Terrorism, Poverty, Unemployment, Poverty, Literacy and other critical issues.

Dear voters just don’t go by an orators speech skills or lovely jumlas provided to the nation. Vote to your best suited candidate who surely understands the basic economics of India. Somebody who understands the plight of the voiceless. They can be a Dalit Hindu or any minority. Any one where Hinduism is not threatened by the others. This beautiful religion must not be distorted under the shades of right wing politics. How long will we die in the name of religion and caste politics? Trust the EVM’S more. Machines are more truthful and difficult to be tampered with. In fact ballots were easy to be bought. Ballot boxes were always an easy target of the powerful. It’s easy to be changed as per a party’s needs. So click the right button on the EVM machines.

Every vote counts. The youth makes the majority of voting population. So step out and vote.




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