Ripple effects of bloody terrorism post Pulwama attack

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Pakistan –India sour  relationship dates back to its origins. Terrorism is a state strategy practiced by the Pakistan government.  Such turbulent ties are since 1947.  Both nations have been involved in almost four wars. All initiated by our dear neighbour Pakistan. Kashmir has been the cradle of unresolved boundary issues. The state has been plagued by terrorism from its initiation. This New Year just witnessed another bloody attack at Pulwama in Kashmir.

Pulwama is primarily placed at the heart of the Kashmir valley. This district depends primarily on agriculture and husbandry for its substance needs and economy. They produce world famous saffron.

Unfortunately this year Pulwama will be remembered as another day of mass massacre. The heinous attack on the day of love on 14th February 2019 at Pulwama is just another shameless act of terrorism. Precious 40 CRPF lives of jawans were lost.


Cross LOC strike has increased:

Lives are lost especially on the Indian soil. Be it civilians or the armed forces. The revival of Jaish and the protection given by the Pakistani government and its army is a clear indication of their safeguarding techniques to terrorism.

Common Kashmiri suffers. Ethnic crimes have shot among amongst the common Kashmiri’s. They are loosing jobs, admission to college seats, being vacated from hotels and other residential property.

Just by raising slogans, chanting Bollywood patriotic songs , doing candle march protests  does not make the individual more nationalistic  and the rest / others less or anti-national.

Muslim children are being bullied. The hysteria in the news channel and all social media platform are fuelling anti religion and anti- ethnic and other hateful sentiments. The hate has amplified in the civilian space as educational institutions and job areas. Non Kashmiri Muslims gets easily targeted in any terrorist attack.

Students from Kashmir are threatened

Boycotts to Kashmir products are let loose on watts app forwarded messages. Kashmiri merchants were attacked by men on UP train. the merchants lost one lakh of their goods as they had to flea the scene to save their lives.

A Kasmiri doctor who has stationed himself in Kolkata for last 20 years  was at the receiving end of this Pulwama disaster. He was threatened by right wing extremist to leave the city or else his daughters will be harmed.

Any tragedy like this can become a Syria like situation where hooligans now know to master this situation where public sentiments are involved.

On 26th February there were air strikes at the terror camps in Balakot by the air force of India. It brought down over 200 men in the Jaish –e – Mohammed terrorist training camp in Pakistan’s Balakot region.Post this air strike the social media and news media are debating the authenticity of this strike and questioning its fatality. This kind of loose talk is very gainful for the neighbours. After the opposition needed proof of the killings of the terrorists in Balakot, the martyred army men families from U.P have been demanding proof?Kasmir


Temporary truce occurred with the return of downed Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman.

Viral claims that P.M Imran Kahn should be given Nobel peace prize are doing the rounds. he is now initaing talks with complete dismissal of terrorism on their grounds . They are repeating and asking for proofs .

Political gains: Congress did not allow retaliation post 26/11 attack on economic capital Mumbai. Modi only had the spine to take over and give a befitting reply post Uri and Pulwama attack on their soil. As per Indian government Balakot was a military air attack against terrorist and not any particular nation. Even Sushma Swaraj in the OIC meeting held last week commented it as an act against terrorism. All the neighbouring countries have called both India and Pakistan for diplomatic dialogue and not military intervention. Countries as China, France, UK, US have condemned the Pulwama attack.

After this instance Pakistan remains isolated in the international front. Even China did not support their front. After 50 years of OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) India was given a special invitation. Pakistan‘s foreign minister boycotted the meet in protest to India’s presence. However that did not deter our foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj to attend the OIC meet. India’s presence at OIC is an incremental diplomatic success. So is the return of our Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman. This government has been able to pressure the international  front in understanding the Indian stand against terrorism.

This feat is surely a diplomatic victory against all the attacks masterminded in Pakistan with full state and military sponsorship.

Indain armyThis Josh will not fizzle easily. Kudos to the Indian soldiers and their families where the civilians are able to breathe in democracy. Please vote which safegaurds the interests of the majority Indians.

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