Justice Served Against Toxic Work Culture In Tech Mahindra

It’s a well known work culture in the corporate world that it is the ‘survival of the fittest.’ In this survival game many well known organizations have become killing fields. It’s a pyramid of the powerful. The bottom rung is always struck. Looking at the market trend for the last twenty years. When recession hits the markets who are chopped off from the work force? Unfortunately the real work force who works nine to nine. Look at the fat salaries drawn from the top rung, they are happily making the bucks and looking down from their fancy offices.

According to Forbes when a corporate culture is damaged, it can put your workforce, as well as your connection with your customer base, in jeopardy. Toxic corporate culture can quickly kill business’ future: Many employees will flee as things gradually worsen, and those who stay may not act like they care about doing more than the minimum, much less about making clients happy.

As per Movies which are some reflections of our societies like Horrible Bosses,  Office Space, Devil wears Prada- an intern is made to be a waitress,to bring in star bucks coffee and buns, get the laundry done and received at home, fulfill all unreasonable demands as get copies of unpublished work from J.K Rowling series was true in Tech M training team.  In Bollywood there is Madhur Bhandarkar take on movie called Corporate. The culture in the work spaces becomes as toxic as shown in the plot of these movies if the top management becomes mute spectators.

Such movies display the crazy tyrant nature of bosses who are all snotty, abusive, over demanding, threatening, and miserable bully and corrupt as hell.


Believe it or not, patriarchy even exists at these fancy offices. As per the term patriarchy it simply means a society in which the oldest male is the leader of the family/society /organization controlled by men in which they use their power to their own advantage.  In one of the known companies Tech Mahindra, another corporate scandal has come out of the bag. It is Richa Gautam and her rogue behavior against her non pleasing Gay team member Gaurav Pramanik. Richa Gautam became extremely tyrannical and hot headed in her approach towards minorities. In this instance it was matriarchal powers at the hands of all in all training in charge of all centers across India as well as overseas.

Insights about organizational culture show a similar understanding of the complexity of both tangible and intangible interpretative elements of such organizational culture. While some commentators of the corporate scandals talk about cultural change solely by pointing to tangible aspects (e.g., changing the incentive structures; changing the leadership),  there is now widespread recognition amongst management and organizational scientists that organizational culture exists at both tangible and intangible levels.

As in the case of Richa Gautam Vs Gaurav Pramanik (plus other Minority groups), It’s a perfect case of of how power can be misused. Richa Gautam is an epitome of repressive and autocratic behavior which could not have manifested solely. It’s a case study about the shared likes, beliefs, myths, interpretations and meanings within an organization ,within a group of top management. She was able to channelize her likes and dislikes quite openly in the training bay. She has shown her rogue behavior both in the real world of Tech Mahindra Office as well as digital world of Twitter.

work culture
Toxic culture in the twitter world


India is a land of rule books. There is a documented law for everything. Speak correct words, don’t go against the government, cannot criticize the government or you can be the new Urban Naxals. Police can use the law as per their whims and fancies. You can be picked up the law governing body at any time from your house if you don’t comply and evidence can be proven for the Maoist link. Two recent events of police atrocity is booking of five different professionals and branding them urban naxals and secondly the Former Scientist Nambi Narayanan who was falsely implicated in anti India activities. Nambi Narayanan won this case in a historic judgment of Supreme Court after 24 years wait. Such victories added with the latest removal of Richa Gautam from the system reinforces the belief that Karma is justice.

Laws in place, Ombudsman, media both in print and digital scenario, will of the top bosses of Mahindra group of companies and right leadership which resulted in the downfall of the Titan who had become indispensable.


After 87 years of its existence, 377 is now gone. In India gay union is considered equal as per Indian law. This Minority community in India has suffered immensely because of this colonial legacy. It had been an irrational law that existed. Thanks to the honorable Supreme Court, members of the LGBTQI community have a well deserved law at their side. They will be able to live and thrive as their other fellow Indian citizens with peace and dignity.

Story of Gaurav Pramanik

Three years of agony in the training team from 2012 to 2015.  Gaurav Pramanik suffered Homophobic attacks from the past three years under the training boss who also lead the Diversity and Inclusivity Team. It was a common scenario in the training bay where the ring master Richa Gautam with her chosen men and women folk attacked the simple workforce. She and her henchmen strategically weeded out employees who did not meet their personal requirements.

He has suffered because of the oppressive nature of the training team. He had no one to hear and address his grievances fairly. Where could he go?

corporate wk culture
corporate wk culture

Human Resource dept? I have been  trolled by an ex TechM HR because I gave support to Gaurav Pramanik.

Ex HR Employee as Ms Rini Bansal was trolling me as well as threatening me for giving support in such an issue. So it can be imagined how this candidate could have approached for his grievances where it would have fallen in deaf ears.


Gaurav on a daily basis was ridiculed on how he walked and dressed to work.

Issues raised by Gaurav and others (Ex employees as well as current employees anonymously)



  • His fundamental rights of liberty were taken away in this short stint of corporate life at Tech Mahindra
  • Richa laughed on his shirts being the colour that women generally wore
  • He was continuously bullied that his effeminate behavior was affecting his work, hinting that he was in the organization to lech at men/ get into their pants
  • insults and other means of mockery was made on his sexuality


  • name calling Muslim team members when they weren’t around or even on the face
  • ask the managers to reduce someone else’s performance rating because he didn’t deserve it as he was Muslim
  • Snatched away the deserving appraisal of the Muslim candidate
  • No promotions for Muslims under her royal rule



  • Attacked with comments as “your community is only doing conversions in the Indian soil”
  • Blasphemous attacks made on the religious institution
  • Wrong words spoken against Saints as Mother Teresa.


  •  Verbal attacks to anyone below the top two models of the Aryan Varna system
  • In this Varna Model Brahmins and Kshatriyas are at the top two. Rest were left at the mercy of bullying by her foot soldiers of training team
  • Dalits were ridiculed too.
  • Rests are all others and less then her and her wing men.

Fall of one of the rogue titan by a minority member

Tech Mahindra provides a landmark case of weeding and pruning at the top level management.

As per their code of ethics Tech Mahindra in true spirit has really lived up to their values.


It has a complete guideline for safe work space for a competitive work culture to flourish. It s section 9 is a 4 page document guiding on human dignity, harassment, drugs, substance abuse, employment  practices, non solicitation.

This case addresses the structures, values, and practices that enable violation, compliance within organization. However Tech Mahindra truly promotes Transparency, honesty and actual cultural change.

Hoping just like Swach Bharat under the great leadership of our esteemed Prime Minister Mr Modi, Tech Mahindra sails under the right leadership of Anand Mahindra and cleanses plus sanitizes the system. Praying for a cleaner safe environment for the workers  who could be any man , women or a minority from( LGBTQI/ lang/ tribal/ low caste/ region/ religious belief and practices) in  all organized  and unorganized sectors.





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