Terrorism : A mental Hateful disease causing plague

                         Terrorism is a political war tool. Hatred for other cultures, beliefs, practices, religion, race, sexual orientation, philosophy leads to weapons of mass destruction. Our beautiful world is suffering from this contagious disease of hatred which seems to have no cure.


Terrorism is only about hatred for each through violent means. They are just cult followers with the sole purpose of destruction of peace and harmony. They cannot belong to a religious believes or any holy book. Terrorist outfits and their leaders have the same fantasy as any of the world   dictators who have been around. An authoritarian regime is about cleansing ‘The OTHER’ from their territory.


In the subject of sociology the term ethnocentricism is regarding their own culture at the centre of the whole society. It’s the practice of comparing other cultures to theirs and considering the rest as inferiors. They have the habit in considering their own practices and beliefs as superior than the rest. Culture here is made as a yardstick. It discourages change. Social scientist William Gunher had coined this term ethnocentricism in 1906.

TERRORISM  means to terror

The current breed of terrorism rest on their strong beliefs and hard core training. They see themselves as mediums of a just war. Effects of terrorism have been very brutal and catastrophic. 

United Nations Security council defined terrorism as criminal acts, including against civilians committed with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury or taking of hostages with the purpose to provoke a state of terror in the general public.

Terrorism is a world plague affecting all of us in any corner of the world. The globe is divided into race, colour, economy and millions of other categories. However now terrorism is not limited to Eastern Europe, Erstwhile Socialist colonies, it has come into all quarters of our life.

People are socialising, entertaining in an arena, praying collectively in peace. Nothing remains safe and secure. There are no more limited wars on borders but it has reached in all our personal spaces. Earlier in mediums like Hollywood, Bollywood, any movie making business, publication houses that deals with journal, book publications gave credits to it makers. Now unfortunately after any heinous terrorist attack, these terrorist outfits take pride in CREDITS. Credits are taken for their inhuman barbaric practices. They do publishing of their bizarre evils of torture in this world of internet.

For instance just take the NewZealand case. It suffered mass shootings at two mosques killing 50 people. The killer was a white supremacist. Then the Pulwama attack kiiling over 40 CRPF soldiers. Both are extreme cases of barbaric attack.


Violent extremism can be found all across the globe. This terrorism is a war  without borders. Their main sole objective and goal is all about selfish needs and personal goals.  The black dark web is a major tool in making terrorism accessible to all. The internet host all dark material and training sites to become a terrorist. Young teenagers have been radicalized by just watching and reading their material.  The Islamic State has grown manifold in Syria and caused havoc across the globe. People in ISIS have been recruited from different races and countries. It’s a sadistic organisation which masters the way of torturing human people. It has caused immense damage to human lives. ISIS affiliates throughout the world. This inhuman act is an age old crime. Just the modern terrorism is  more catastrophic in nature. There have been many technological and societal changes in a war of terrorism. They are serious threats to world peace.  Their main purpose in any land as Africa, Syria, POK, Iran, Afghanistan, and Ukraine is to acquire political power and strength.

For instance in the case of India their neighbour Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism to Kashmir. Since its origins this nation has been in continuous war with India. The real battles have all won by India. None was initiated by India. The education system in Pakistan preaches its children about the hostility. Kids are trained for hatred towards India since its birth. It’s a state practice to gather momentum of hatred towards the Indians. Even their military organisation is always protecting and shielding the terror outfits in their land.

 Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan.  Some major terror groups such as the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and the Al Badr operate in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

Some of the attacks carried out by the terror outfits against India

  • 26/11 Mumbai terror attack on the streets, Hotel and a railway station. About 166 people died
  • Parliament attack.9 dead
  • Attack on Akshardham temple. 30 dead
  • Pulwama attack. More than 40 CRPF soldiers dead

All the heads who carried out these attacks roam freely in the Pakistan soil .


  • After the Pulwama attacks on the Indian soil, NYT New York Times does not use the word terrorism when the CRPF were attacked in a suicide bombing. NYT uses the term explosion instead of terrorist attack. they will never use this taboo term for Pakistan inspite of it being the breeding ground for terrorist activities.
  • Why India gave the term of Most Favoured Nation to Pakistan?Under Modi: MFN status is being withdrawn. This is a political move the market will face its impact.
  • Why is Maulana Masood Azhar given protection and China still protecting them and taking its side? China has blocked the terming of Jaish-e-Mohammed Chief Massod azhar as a global terrorist
  • Terrorist organisations are not mushrooming independently. They have assets stashed in foreign locations? They are state sponsored. Protected by State heads.


Psychological warfare’ offers numerous conversation starters, changes and a progression of complexities. It is never again an issue of certain nations however an issue including various worldwide issues. As it were, ‘fear based oppressor’ associations, like never before, may execute assaults in an assortment of nations; the casualties of the assaults can be of various nationalities; the workplaces, central station, and preparing camps of ‘psychological militants’ associations work in different nations; ‘psychological militants’ associations get immediate and aberrant help from various states, enroll support from various ethnic networks, and secure e money related help all through the world. This is a massive fight against ideologies, political power, and powerful lobbyists.

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