Toxic free homes
Toxic free indoors


The earth gives us numerous gifts. Life in its most natural form is given by our environment. Ensure your are free of toxic chemicals. The least to be done is to keep the environment toxic free. Let’s keep the Air we breathe, sunlight we soak in, water to drink clean and chemical free.


 Man has become so innovative now that his quest to explore has landed him into other planetary bodies. He is able to form some life forms in the form of water formula in Mars. Projects are being run to live in moon and other solar bodies. But what about the preservations of its own home. How can we remove the toxicity from our environments?

 To begin with the smallest step, clean your own little homes. 

Today’s topic is about going toxic free. Get rid of our homes with the chemical infestation Cleaning reduces the environmental damage. Effective cleaning reduces the exposure to hazardous material.

We have crossed all forms of industrial revolution and are in the Wi-Fi zone, where things can be reached by touch technology. But every member of this planet needs to do her/ his bit. We cannot just think it to be the task of the politicians, big treaties to be signed or be a member of Green Peace society.

This is an age of environmental concern.

Responsible buying or consumption habits can lead to decrease in pollution.


It reduces life risks. If you have children and pets you might know the importance of keeping your indoors free from chemicals. Some basic methods can be used to control pollution to a desirable and safe level of your indoors

 Source management, which includes source removal or modification; activity management; design intervention; dilution; and cleaning that include housekeeping, maintenance and restoration. Cleanliness helps to diminish the negative levels of exposure to toxins and risks by removing problem substances from the environment, thereby removing exposure and effect. Effective cleaning often is the most cost efficient means of managing risk in a built environment.


Toxic free homes
ecologically friendly way to live


Natural, non-toxic living! Sounds fab, is it doable?

 Well, it is. It is one of the best changes you can make for your family. However, it can be overwhelming at first. How do you even start toxic-free living? From where do you begin? Do you need to throw away things that you don’t use in your house and start over? In a perfect world, maybe. But, we have to factor in time, money, and the fact that most of us do live with other human beings. The below list does not cover every aspect of one’s domestic life to have a clean green life. It’s just a guide to jumpstart a toxic free style of living.


Toxic free homes
steps to go toxic free


Buy Organic: consuming organic fruits and vegetables can cut down on the pesticide level you consume on your edibles. It does encourage the farmers market if you buy organic straight from them. Pesticides that are found on our fresh fruit and vegetables can interfere with the thyroid, which regulates your metabolism. So try buying organic.

If you cannot afford or buy organic wash your fruits and vegetables in vinegar water or with baking soda. Even scrubbing your fruits and vegetables with warm water cuts down on the chemical levels.

Say No to Plastic: our kitchens are full of plastic goods like zip locker pouches, cutlery as spoon and forks, plastic plates, glasses for parties. Substitute your plastic wares with anything healthier. It could be glass, steel or any other metal wares. Removing plastic goods and refraining from its usage will reduce the garbage pile up. Such pile ups are happening in the landfill sites and the ocean beds will be free from this plastic range.

Jute Bags: Always carry a jute bag or any other recycled bags when shopping. Keep extra natural bags in your car.

Clean the backside of your refrigerator.

Clean up your beauty products.  Throw away the expired goods. Buy less and use it occasionally. You will let your skin breath more if you do away with foundations and harsh primes. It clogs on to the pores and causes breakouts and other skin disorders. Any make up used often leads to early wrinkling of the skin.

Your skin will look much younger if you feed it natural and colourful organic diet. Eat more greens and salads. Put less or zero Make up. Sleep and relax more.

Take out all harsh chemicals  from washroom, Cut out Chemical Cleaners from the garage or store house.
Air can be up to five times more polluted inside than outdoors, even in urban areas, due to the chemicals in cleaning products.

Rescue your indoors of room perfumes and fresheners. These are ridden with chemicals. 

Reduce garbage. Follow the mantra of reduce, recycle, reuse.

Pick non-toxic utensils for kitchen. Cook with cast iron, stainless steel, or ceramic coated pots and pans. The nutrients are saved when cooking in such pots and pans. 

Apart from the governments, big treaties being signed off, NGO’s doing its bit for the preservation of environment. It is every citizen of all nations to be more responsible in preserving the mother earth.  

None of us is a perfect environmentalist; still, together we can take some genuine steps to reduce the number of resources consumed and waste which is created by the form of pollution. Everyone is a contributor as we all need to be responsible inhabitants of the one and only mother Earth, so please take care of it.



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